CARMA Fellows

CARMA Fellows

CARMA has been very fortunate over the years to have benefited from presentations given by accomplished methodologists from many outstanding universities. We recognize these presenters as CARMA Fellows.

Name Affiliation
Dr. Lisa Abrams Virgina Commonwealth University
Dr. Herman Aguinis The George Washington University
Dr. Kellie Archer Virgina Commonwealth University
Dr. Deborah Bandalos University of Georgia
Dr. Peter Bentler University of California (Los Angeles)
Dr. Don Bergh University of Denver
Dr. Marilyn Biggerstaff Virgina Commonwealth University
Dr. Paul Bliese Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
Dr. Philip Bobko Gettysburg College
Dr. Ken Bollen University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Dr. Michael Borenstein Biostat
Dr. Stephen Borgatti Boston College
Dr. Harry Bowen Queens University of Charlotte
Dr. Brian Boyd Arizona State University
Dr. Dan Brass University of Kentucky
Dr. Michael Burke Tulane University
Dr. Kevin Carlson Virginia Tech University
Dr. Gilad Chen Texas A & M University
Dr. Claudia Cogliser Texas Tech University
Dr. Jos‚ Cortina George Mason University
Dr. Dan Dalton Indiana University
Dr. Richard DeShon Michigan State University
Dr. Kelly Devers Virgina Commonwealth University
Dr. Jonathan Doh Villanova University
Dr. Fritz Drasgow University of Illinois
Dr. Jeff Edwards University of North Carolina
Dr. Donald Forsyth Virginia Commonwealth University
Dr. Daniel Ganster University of Arkansas
Dr. Elizabeth Garrett-Mayer Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Mark Gavin West Virginia University
Dr. Michele Gelfand University of Maryland
Dr. Robert Gephart University of Alberta
Dr. Henry Glick University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Dr. Richard Gonzalez University of Michigan
Dr. Adam Grant University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Gregory Hancock University of Maryland
Dr. Paul Hanges University of Maryland
Dr. David Harless Virgina Commonwealth University
Dr. David Harrison The Pennsylvania State University
Dr. Neil Henry Virginia Commonwealth University
Dr. Michael Hitt Texas A&M University
Dr. David Hofmann University of North Carolina
Dr. John Hollenbeck Michigan State University
Dr. Peter Horn Arizona State University
Dr. Rick Hoyle Duke University
Dr. Larry James Georgia Institute of Technology
Dr. Russel Johnson Michigan State University
Dr. David Kaplan University of Delaware
Dr. David A. Kenny University of Connecticut
Dr. Katherine Klein University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Rich Klimoski George Mason University
Dr. Charles Lance The University of Georgia
Dr. Ron Landis Illinois Institute of Technology
Dr. James M. LeBreton The Pennsylvania State University
Dr. Michael Lindell Texas A&M University
Dr. Karen Locke The College of William & Mary
Dr. David MacKinnon Arizona State University
Dr. Suzanne Mazzeo Virgina Commonwealth University
Dr. Adam Meade North Carolina State University
Dr. Jorge Mendoza University of Oklahoma
Dr. John J. McArdle University of Virginia
Dr. Michael McDaniel Virginia Commonwealth University
Dr. James McMillan Virginia Commonwealth University
Dr. Roger Millsap Arizona State University
Dr. Kevin Murphy Pennsylvania State University
Dr. Daniel Newman University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Dr. John Nezlek The College of William & Mary
Dr. Edward Norton University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Dr. Fred Oswald Rice University
Dr. Abigail T. Panter University of North Carolina
Dr. Mark Peterson Florida Atlantic Univeristy
Dr. Robert Ployhart George Mason University
Dr. Michael Pratt Boston College
Dr. Richard Priem Texas Christian University
Dr. Charles Reichardt University of Denver
Dr. Steven Rogelberg Univ. of North Carolina Charlotte
Dr. Philip L. Roth Clemson University
Dr. Hannah Rothstein Baruch College
Dr. Craig J. Russell University of Oklahoma
Dr. Paul Sackett University of Minnesota
Dr. Neal Schmitt Michigan State University
Dr. Chet Schriesheim University of Miami
Dr. J. Myles Shaver University of Minnesota
Dr. Jeremy Short Texas Tech University
Dr. Anne Smith University of Tennessee – Knoxville
Dr. Jeffrey Stanton Syracuse University
Dr. William Starbuck University of Oregon
Dr. Eugene Stone-Romero University of Texas at San Antonio
Dr. John Van Maanen Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dr. Robert Vandenberg University of Georgia
Dr. Howard Weiss Purdue University
Dr. Laurie Weingart Carnegie Mellon University
Dr. Peter Westfall Texas Tech University
Dr. Peg Williams Wayne State University
Dr. Robert Wiseman Michigan State University
Dr. Fran Yammarino Binghamton University

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