CARMA Instructors

CARMA’s Short Courses and Workshops have been offered since 2000 by Dr. Williams and his distinguished set of Short Course Instructors in several locations, including internationally in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, UAE, Denmark, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, and Canada.  Within the US, Short Courses have been offered at Virginia Commonwealth University, Boston College, and Wayne State Universities.  For more information on our current offerings click here.

2021-2022 Short Course Instructors

Name Affiliation Short Course Names
Dr. Chelsea Song Purdue University Advanced Data Analysis with R
Dr. Justin DeSimone The University of Alabama Advanced Data Analysis with R
Dr. Jose Molina-Azorin University of Alicante Mixed Methods
Dr. Anne Smith The University of Tennessee Knoxville Interpretive Qualitative Process Data Analysis
Dr. Betty Zhou University of Minnesota Introduction to SEM with LAVAAN
Dr. Gilad Chen University of Maryland Advanced Multilevel Analysis I: Growth Models, Mediation, Moderation, Multi-Unit Membership
Dr. Rhonda Reger University of North Texas Advanced Qualitative Methods for Macro-Management Research
Dr. Elaine Hollensbe University of Cincinnati Doing Grounded Theory Research
Dr. Scott Tonidandel University of North Carolina-Charlotte Introduction to R and Data Analysis
Dr. Ron Landis Illinois Institute of Technology Advanced Data Analysis with R
Dr. Jeff Stanton Syracuse University Statistical Analysis of Text with R
Dr. Robert Vandenberg University of Georgia Advanced SEM I: Measurement Invariance, LGM, and Recursive Models

Advanced SEM II: Missing Data Issue in SEM, Multi-Level SEM and Latent Interactions

Dr. Paul Bliese University of South Carolina Advanced Multilevel Analysis II: Longitudinal, Consensus Emergence, Bayes and Dichotomous Outcomes
Dr. Richard Landers University of Minnesota Web Scraping: Data Collection and Analysis with R
Dr. Ernest O’Boyle Indiana University Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis in R
Dr. George Banks University of North Carolina Charlotte Open Science and R: Principles and Practices
Dr. James LeBreton Pennsylvania State University Introduction to Multilevel Analysis with R
Dr. Janaki Gooty University of North Carolina Charlotte Theory, Methods, and Analysis for Research with Dyads
Dr. Steve Culpepper University of Illinois Introduction to Bayesian Analysis with R
Dr. Lisa Schurer Lambert Oklahoma State University

Questionnaire Design, Scale Development, Construct Validity, and Data Management and Preparation

Dr. Jeff Edwards University of North Carolina Alternatives to Difference Scores: Polynomial Regression, and Response Surface Methodology
Dr. Sarah J. Tracy Arizona State University Crafting High Quality Qualitative Research via a Phronetic Iterative Approach
Dr. Thomas Greckhamer Louisiana State University Mixed Methods and Qualitative Comparative Analysis
Dr. Glen Kreiner Pennsylvania State University Doing Grounded Theory Research
Dr. Curtis LeBaron Brigham Young University Video Methods
Dr. Jason T. Kiley Oklahoma State University Introduction to Python for Research
Dr. Jeremy Dawson Sheffield University Advanced Regression and Interactions
Dr. Vicente González-Romá University of Valencia Introduction to Multilevel Analysis
Dr. Catherine Welch The University of Sydney Case Study Methods
Dr. Jonas Lang Ghent University Introduction to Structural Equation Methods
Dr. Jane Le Otto Beisheim School of Management Interpretive Methods
Dr. Tine Koehler The University of Melbourne Grounded Theory Method & Analysis
Dr. Mike Cheung  National University of Singapore Meta Analysis
Dr. Christina Silver  University of Surrey Qualitative Text Analysis using Digital Tools
Dr. Mike Pratt  Boston College Introduction to Ethnography
Dr. Andrew Speer  Wayne State University Predictive Modeling and Machine Learning in R
Dr. Nikos Dimotakis  Oklahoma State University Within Person Research

Recent Short Course Instructors

Name Affiliation
Dr. Glen Kreiner Pennsylvania State University
Dr. Fred Oswald Rice University
Dr. Richard DeJordy California State University, Fresno
Dr. Michael Pratt Boston College
Dr. Ashley Mears Boston University
Dr. Michel Anteby Boston University
Dr. Jean Bartunek Boston College
Dr. Karen Golden-Biddle Boston University
Dr. Rob Ployhart University of South Carolina
Dr. Jose Cortina Virginia Commonwealth University
Dr. Chelsea Song Purdue University
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