Open Science Portal


We are pleased to announce the CARMA Open Science Portal, your gateway to resources promoting principles and practices of open science for management/organization researchers.  These resources include CARMA Webcast Lectures, as well as other recordings and written materials on various aspects of open science.   Our Portal is available for anyone to use, and to access our materials all one has to do is register as a CARMA Website User and receive login and password information.  There is no charge to be a Website User, and instructions for registration as a user are provided below.

CARMA Video Library Recordings

1) A framework for Constructive Replication in the Organizational Sciences – Dr. Tine Kohler

2) Questionable Research Practices – Dr. George Banks

3) Robust and Reliable Research – Dr. Steven Rogelberg, Dr. Fred Oswald, Dr. Ron Landis and Dr. George Banks

4) Verifying Empirical Research Findings – Dr. Don Bergh

For more information about “Open Science and R: Principles and Practices” short course (which will be offered in South Carolina, January 2020) click here.


To access the Open Science Portal:

  1. If you are new to CARMA sign-up as a CARMA Website User to establish your login email and password
  2. Using this information log-in as a Website User, which will take you to your User Area
  3. From the menus on the right, click Purchase Subscription (again, there is no fee)
  4. From the Package Menu, select “CARMA Open Science Portal”
  5. Click Continue and go to your User Area.
  6. You will see a link called “CARMA Open Science Portal” in your User Area.
  7. This will take you a page which includes the links of lectures.