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Live Online Format

We are excited to announce that CARMA will use a new format for hosting Webcast Lectures via Zoom Webinar for Premium Members. Also, 30 courses sponsored by three schools, including the University of South Australia, Wayne State University (Detroit, Michigan) and the University of Padova (Padova, Italy) offered live and online using Zoom in summer.

Unlike previous courses delivered in-person at host schools, our upcoming program will deliver the courses on-line via the CARMA Virtual Global Classroom using Zoom. Courses offered through the Virtual Global Classroom will use a synchronous approach, with instructors providing live (video and audio) lecture and Q&A sessions. Instructors will also lead assignment sessions, during which participants can choose to join breakout rooms to collaborate with a small group of course-mates (using screen-share, video/audio communication, and/or text chat. 

Our goal with our new on-line approach is to emulate as much as possible the in-person short course experience that we have used so successfully since 2001. We hope our on-line delivery will be more practical and economical for participants by allowing them to avoiding travel to locations beyond their community. Training for participants not familiar with use of Zoom will be provided at no-charge prior to the Short Courses. CARMA has considerable experience with live on-line events. We look forward to extending our use of this delivery format through our Virtual Global Classroom to increase access to our highly-regarded Short Courses and Webcast Lectures.

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Institutional Membership Program

The Video Library currently contains over 150 recorded lectures from internationally recognized scholars on a variety of research methods (including qualitative and quantitative). Also, membership benefits include the 50% discount for the short course registrations.

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