UniSA Short Course Descriptions

“Advanced Qualitative Methods for Micro-Management Research”

Dr. Elaine Hollensbe, University of Cincinnati 

Course Description:  One of the most challenging aspects of qualitative research is telling a convincing and compelling story that clears the hurdle for contribution in a top journal.  This course focuses on qualitative techniques well represented in micro-level management fields.  Students will be introduced to ethnography, participant observation, interviewing techniques, action research, and narrative analysis.  We will then briefly review the epistemological foundations of grounded theory qualitative research, then move immediately into research design and data collection, taking an applied focus for most of the course.  We will examine tactics for designing a grounded theory study, managing the coding and analysis process, writing up the paper, ensuring rigor and trustworthiness, and responding to reviewers.  Students will gain hands-on experience with coding, thematic analysis, and emergent model development.  We will also read and discuss published exemplars to deconstruct the methods used.

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