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CARMA Short Courses place an emphasis on hands-on experience and the application of research methods and data analysis skills. Instructors are recognized within organizational studies as experts on their topics. Faculty/students from CARMA Institutional Member Schools receive a 50% registration discount. Courses are now offered through our Virtual Global Classroom.

Complete Course Listing

    1. “Introduction to R and Data Analysis” – Dr. Scott Tonidandel, University of North Carolina-Charlotte
    2. “Introduction to Multilevel Analysis with R” – Dr. Paul Bliese, University of South Carolina
    3.  “Introduction to SEM with LAVAAN” – Dr. Robert Vandenberg, University of Georgia
    4. “Statistical Analysis of Text with R” – Dr. Jeff Stanton, Syracuse University
    5. “Advanced Data Analysis with R” – Dr. Justin DeSimone, The University of Alabama
    6. “Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis in R” – Dr. Ernest O’Boyle, Indiana University
    7. “Introduction to Python for Research”– Dr. Jason T. Kiley, Oklahoma State University
    8. “Model Evaluation with Your Data: Intermediate SEM” – Dr. Larry Williams
    9. “Advanced Qualitative Methods for Micro-Management Research” – Dr. Elaine Hollensbe, University of Cincinnati
    10. “Mixed Methods and Qualitative Comparative Analysis”– Dr. Thomas Greckhamer, Louisiana State University

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