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Methods for Macro Research

  • Topic: AI, ML, and Big Data for Macro Research
  • Session Chair: Dr. Andreas Schwab
  • Panelists: Dr. Jeremy Short, Dr. Yash Raj Shrestra, Dr. Bart Vannesta

Qualitative Research Methods

  • Topic:¬†Rhetorical Analysis/Dictionary-based Approaches to Measure General Emotion (positive or negative) and Specific Emotions (fear)
  • Session Chair: Dr. Rhonda Reger
  • Panelists: Dr. Derek Harmon

Open Science and Replication Research

  • Session Chair: Dr. George Banks
  • Panelists: Dr. Lillian Eby, Dr. Steven Rogelberg

Structural Equation Models

  • Topic: Bifactor Models
  • Session Chair: Dr. Heiko Breitsohl
  • Panelists: Dr. Chris Nye, Dr. Matt McLarnon

Research, Design, and Measurement

  • Topic: Scale Development and Validation
  • Session Chair: Dr. Nathan Podsakoff
  • Panelists: Dr. Jose Cortina, Dr. Phil Podsakoff, Dr. Louis Tay

Languages, Packages and Tools

  • Topic: Data Visualization for Research with R and Python
  • Session Chair: Dr. Jeff Stanton
  • Panelists: Dr. Jeffrey Hemsley, Dr. Jason Kiley, Dr. Yisi Sang

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