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One of the challenges associated with qualitative research is making sure that it is done in a rigorous way that ensures readers and reviewers “trust” the study’s findings and theoretical contributions.  In this webcast, I will be discussing ways to build trustworthiness into qualitative work throughout the research process.  In addition to going through tactics and tools to establish trustworthiness, I will be providing examples to show how these tactics and tools have been used effectively by others.  The goal is to increase understanding of what qualitative rigor means, build confidence in designing and conducting trustworthy qualitative research, and share techniques for communicating rigor and trustworthiness in qualitative papers.  Conducting qualitative research that is rigorous and worthy of trust not only increases the likelihood that this work will be published but also that it will contribute in a valuable and enduring way to scholarship.  The webcast is targeted toward researchers doing or interested in doing qualitative research, as well as those involved in evaluating and reviewing qualitative work.

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