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Dr. Jose Cortina is a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University practicing in the area of Management and Entrepreneurship. His main scopes of expertise range from Research Methods to Meta-Science and finally to Working with Big Data. In 2017, Dr. Cortina was awarded the ORM Award for Best Paper published in 2017. His recent published intellectual contributions are as follows:

              • Tonidandel, S., King, E., Cortina, J. (2015). Big data at work: The data science revolution and organizational psychology. Routledge.
              • Cortina, J. (2020). Explaining interaction effects: A commentary. In Research Methods in International Business. Springer.
              • King, E. B., Tonidandel, S., Cortina, J., Fink, A. A. (2016). Building understanding of the data science revolution and IO psychology. Routledge New York, NY.
              • Cortina, J., Kohler, T., Keeler, K., Pugh, S. D. (in press). Situation strength as a basis for interactions in psychological models. Psychological Methods.
              • Dormann, C., Guthier, C., Cortina, J. (2020). Introducing Continuous Time Meta-Analysis (CoTiMA). Organizational Research Methods.
              • Keeler, K., Cortina, J. (2020). Working to the beat: A self-regulatory framework linking music characteristics to job performance.. (vol. in press, pp.43). Academy of Management Review.

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