RMEP-PhD Prep Series

Second PhD Prep Series Lecture of the 2021-2022 Year!

On Friday September 17th from 3:00-4:00 PM ET, we will be hosting our second live PhD Prep Series lecture of our 2021-2022 Live Lecture Series. As a Premium Institutional Member, this is a free benefit included in your membership! Also, information about PhD Prep Series and Topic Interest Group Series are below. This lecture about “Introduction to Multiple Regression” will be presented by Dr. Larry Williams.


Considerable research in management uses linear regression to examine effects of multiple predictors on a dependent variable. This presentation will review key issues with this type of analysis. Topics include assumptions of OLS,  interpretation and hypothesis testing of partial regression coefficients, differences between unstandardized and standardized coefficients, tests of models,  and model comparisons. Key points will be illustrated with an example using organizational data.

Presentation Slides

CARMA RMEP – PhD Prep Series

The CARMA RMEP-PhD Prep Series 2021-2022 is available only to students and faculty who are associated with organizations that are CARMA Institutional Premium or Basic Members. The RMEP-PhD Prep Series consists of seven live online events that focus on developing research methods knowledge and skills needed for success as a doctoral student and faculty member. Different sessions will focus on topics related to specific needs of early, middle, and late-stage doctoral students. Sessions will NOT be recorded, to allow for a comfortable learning environment.

Examples may include learning the basics of different research methods and data analysis techniques, preparing for comprehensive exams, and developing the research methods section of a dissertation proposal. Others may relate to submitting conference papers and articles to academic journals, editorial review of articles, and job search and career management.

The sessions will also give students from different participating schools the opportunity to network with peers from other schools, and should supplement activities occurring within participants doctoral programs.


  • August 27
  • September 17
  • October 29
  • December 3
  • January 21
  • April 8
  • April 22
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