UniSA Short Course Descriptions

“Advanced Qualitative Methods for Macro-Management Research”

Dr. Rhonda Reger, University of Missouri

Course Description: In this course, students will be exposed to research methods currently used in macro-level management fields, specifically in strategic management, organization theory and entrepreneurship. This course assumes limited prior knowledge of qualitative methods, but it will still provide a deep grounding in several advanced qualitative methods and text analysis as applied in management research. Methods covered include comparative case study research, content analysis, discourse analysis, rhetorical analysis, sentiment analysis (also called tenor or tone analysis), and the construction of dictionaries. The course will be interactive with discussion of exemplar papers that showcase each of these methods. Students will also be given the opportunity to “pilot test” the methods by interviewing each other and content analyzing a small sample of text. A focus of this workshop will be on matching methods to research questions and the interests and strengths of the research team.

Required Software: LIWC2015 (30 day rental available for $9.95; purchase for $89.95 from Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count)

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