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November 8-18, 2021 – Two Sessions, Two Courses

Sponsored by University of South Australia

Session 1: November 8-11, 2021 | Session 2: November 15-18, 2021

We offer two sessions which allows course participants the opportunity to take two back-to-back courses.

Session 1

Monday November 8, Tuesday November 9, Wednesday November 10, and Thursday November 11

Session 2

Monday November 15, Tuesday November 16, Wednesday November 17, and Thursday November 18

Session 1: November 8-11, 2021

“Introduction to R and Data Analysis” – Dr. Ron Landis, Illinois Institute of Technology

This course will provide a gentle introduction to the R computing platform and the R-Studio interface. We will cover the basics of R such as importing and exporting data, understanding R data structures, and R packages. You will also learn strategies for data manipulation within R (compute, recode, selecting cases, etc.) and best practices for data management. We will work through examples of how to conduct basic statistical analyses in R (descriptive, correlation, regression, T-test, ANOVA) and graph those results. Finally, we will explore user-defined functions in R and lay the groundwork for understanding how to perform more complex analyses presented in other CARMA short courses.

Required Software: R (download here), R Studio (download here)

Session 2: November 15-18, 2021

“Introduction to Python for Research”– Dr. Jason T. Kiley, Clemson University

Python is a general purpose programming language that includes a robust ecosystem of data science tools. These tools allow for fast, flexible, reusable, and reproducible data processes that make researchers more efficient and rigorous with existing study designs, while transparently scaling up to big data designs. This short course focuses on the foundational skills of identifying, collecting, and preparing data using Python. We will begin with an overview, emphasizing the specific skills that have a high return on investment for researchers. Then, we will walk through foundational Python skills for working with data. Using those skills, we will cover collecting data at scale using several techniques, including programmatic interfaces for obtaining data from WRDS, application programming interfaces (APIs) for a wide range of academic and popular data (e.g., The New York Times), web scraping for quantitative and text data, and computer-assisted manual data collections. From there, we will assemble and transform data to produce a ready-for-analysis dataset that is authoritatively documented in both code and comments, and which maintains those qualities through the variable additions, alternative measure construction, and robustness checks common to real projects.

By the end of the course, you will have the skills—and many hands–on code examples—to conduct a rigorous and efficient pilot study, and to understand the work needed to scale it up. The course design does not assume any prior training, though reasonable spreadsheet skills and some familiarity with one of the commonly–used commercial statistical systems is helpful. In particular, no prior knowledge of Python is required, and we will cover a general introduction to Python in the beginning of the course content.

Time Schedule

Session I (Nov. 8 – 11) & Session II (Nov. 15-18)
Location Mon Tues Wed Thur
Adelaide 8:30 AM – 1:30 PM 8:30 AM – 1:30 PM 8:30 AM – 1:30 PM 8:30 AM – 1:30 PM

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