Topic Interest Groups

CARMA Topic Interest Groups

Beginning September 1, CARMA Institutional Premium and Basic membership will include a new benefit for participating faculty and students, the option to join one or more newly created Topic Interest Groups (TIG). Each TIG will meet three times a year and those registered may attend events for all groups. TIGs are established to meet student and faculty researchers’ needs not currently met by CARMA’s Webcast Lecture Series (and its recordings in the CARMA Video Library) and CARMA Live Online Short Courses. This new benefit will be available at no additional charge (beyond the institution membership fee) and can be accessed by TIG registration in the CARMA website User Area. The benefit is available throughout the institutional membership period and will end August 31, 2021. CARMA TIG events will be hosted using the Zoom Meeting platform, with individual live access provided and recordings made available throughout the membership period.

CARMA TIGs supplement other CARMA programs by providing:

(1) instruction on specialized research methods topics via Tutorials,

(2) access to guidance from noted methodologists through Ask the Experts Panels,

(3) discussion of current research methods articles via ORM (Organizational Research Methods) Review sessions,

(4) discussion of CARMA Video Library recordings with Webcast Reviews, and

(5) opportunity to meet and interact with others sharing similar interests with our CARMA Networking Sessions.

The Topic Areas and Schedule (tentative) for 2020-2021 include:

Topic Interest Groups Fall Dates Spring Dates Summer Dates
Structural Equation Methods (SEM) Friday October 9, 2020 Spring (TBA) Summer (TBA)
Multilevel Analysis Friday October 30, 2020 Friday February 5, 2021 Summer (TBA)
Qualitative Analysis TBA Spring (TBA) Summer (TBA)
Advanced Regression Analysis Friday November 13, 2020 Spring (TBA) Summer (TBA)
  • Topic Interest Groups – Multilevel Analysis – Fri. February 5th, 1:30 pm ET
Panel Session:
Dr. Gilad Chen, University of Maryland
Dr. Paul Bliese, University of South Carolina
Dr. James LeBreton, Pennsylvania State University
Ask the Expert Session and Reception
Registration Instructions:
  • Login to your CARMA account.
  • Once you login, in the middle, you will see an option to “Register for Live Events”.
  • Select the appropriate event and checkout. (For Multilevel Analysis TIG Meeting on February 5th, you should select Dr. Chen’s event. This event requires no further registration.)
  • You will receive an e-mail about the access information before the event day.