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Mar. 3, 2023

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Dr. Andrew Knight is the Vice Dean for Education and Globalization, and a Professor of Organizational Behaviour at the University of Washington in St. Louis. Dr. Knight is passionate about learning how people can best work together with one another. His current focus is on improving people’s virtual collaborations. In 2017, Dr. Knight received the Small Group Research, Reviewer of the Year Award. His recent published intellectual contributions are as follows:

  • Ziegert, J. C., Knight, A. P., Resick, C. J., & Graham, K. A. (2022). Addressing performance tensions in multiteam systems: Balancing informal mechanisms of coordination within and between teams. Academy of Management Journal.
  • Knight, A. P., Greer, L. L., & de Jong, B. (2020). Start-up teams: A multi-dimensional conceptualization, integrative review of past research, and future research agenda. Academy of Management Annals.
  • Gray, S. M., Knight, A. P., & Baer, M. (2020). On the emergence of collective psychological ownership in new creative teams. Organization Science.


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