Research Methods Education Program (RMEP)


CARMA’s Research Methods and Education Program (RMEP) has been designed to provide a comprehensive educational experience for doctoral students and faculty. RMEP is based on assessments of learning for our webcast lectures, panel sessions, and short courses. Material covers a variety of quantitative and qualitative topics at introductory and advanced levels. A key objective of RMEP is to reward CARMA participants for their efforts at learning research methods.

Using assessments, participants verify their knowledge of key concepts through short multiple-choice quizzes. As each Assessment is successfully completed, the accomplishment will be recorded on the participant’s RMEP Gradebook. Participants may also receive Digital Badges based on the completion of assessments.

RMEP Assessments will be grouped by the following Modules:

Assessment Module now available:

  • 2023-2024 Webcast Lectures
    • Incentive Program:
      Faculty and student members who complete these modules can receive a $100 discount on one 2023-2024 Short Course registration fee. This discount can be earned by completion of ten 2023-2024 Webcast Lecture assessments throughout the year. Each assessment must be completed immediately after viewing either the live lecture or the recording from the Video Library within 7 days of the live lecture. Assessments will be available immediately following each lecture on the respective Webcast Lecture page. Contact us at for further information or if you have any questions.

Assessments Modules coming soon:

  • Basic of Research Methods
  • Correlation/Regression
  • Survey Measurement
  • Qualitative Methods
  • Methods for Strategy Research
  • Structural Equation Methods
  • Innovations in Methods and Analysis

Basics of Research Methods Collection:

Video Presenter Assessment – Coming Soon
20 Null Hypothesis Testing Dr. Jeffrey Stanton Take Null Hypothesis Assessment
A framework for constructive replication in the organizational sciences Dr. Tine Koehler
Addressing the “Too Much Theory” Problem in Management Research: Abductive Reasoning and the Role of Academy of Management Discoveries Dr. Peter Bamberger
Best-Practice Recommendations for Producers, Evaluators, and Users of Methodological Literature Reviews Dr. Herman Aguinis
Big Data Concepts Dr. Sang Woo Take Big Data Concepts Assessment
Common Method Bias Dr. Nathan Podsakoff
Content Analysis for Macro Research Dr. Rhonda Reger Take Content Analysis Assessment
Dirty Data Dr. Justin DeSimone
Electronic Confederates in Experimental Research Dr. Keith Leavitt Take Electronic Confederates Assessment
Event Sampling Methods Dr. Allison Gabriel Take Methods Assessment
Grounded Theory/Discourse Analysis Dr. Gail Fairhurst
How to Use Storytelling in Academic Writing Dr. Tim Pollock
Interpreting Interaction Effects Dr. Jeremy Dawson
Mixed Methods in Strategy and Organizations Research Dr. Scott Turner
Mixing and Matching Methods for Purpose Dr. John Mathieu
Multiple Linear Regression Dr. Fred Oswald
Panel Data Dr. Paul Bliese Take Panel Data Assessment
Questionable Research Practices Dr. George Banks
Rigor/Trustworthiness in Qualitative Research Dr. Elaine Hollensbe
Storytelling Through Statistics Dr. Lisa Lambert
The Power of Tools in Qualitative Analysis Dr. Jane Le
Verifying Empirical Research Findings Dr. Don Bergh