Research Methods Faculty Network

A community for those who teach doctoral-level research methods courses.

CARMA Research Methods Faculty Network

We are pleased to announce the creation of our CARMA Research Methods Faculty Network as a new benefit available to our Institutional Members. This Network is established to support collaboration and sharing of instructional resources among those who teach doctoral-level research methods courses for management/business at our Institutional member schools. Special emphasis will be given to helping instructors of research methods courses learn how they can use CARMA programs and events that are freely available to all students (and faculty) at member schools as part of their course design and classroom experience.

These free resources for faculty teaching research methods courses include:

  • Invitations to special events featuring members of the network.
  • Invitations to meet the CARMA Team via live online sessions in the upcoming year.
  • Access to faculty-only receptions after select events during the upcoming year.

These additional resources supplement the CARMA resources available to all faculty and students at member schools, including 250+ recordings from the CARMA Video Library and live CARMA Live On-Line Short Courses. More information on CARMA and our events/programs can be found on our website.

Register for the Research Methods Faculty Network

  • Log in to your CARMA User Account. (If you do not have an active User Account, you can create one here.)
  • Click on the Register/Purchase tab.
  • Click on Purchase Membership (membership is free)
  • Select Research Methods Faculty Network
  • Click on Continue
  • Click Checkout

2023-2024 Sessions:

More events coming soon! Please see below for recordings of our past events.

2023-2024 Research Methods Faculty Network Sessions:

What/How for Your Methods Course, September 8, 2023

Dr. Paul Bliese
Dr. Jeff Edwards
Dr. Larry Williams

This first panel session offered as part of CARMA’s Research Methods Faculty Network will feature the discussion of several topics. These include:

  • Typical syllabus content of an introductory methods course and related resources
  • Tips from experienced faculty on how they approach selected topics
  • Guidance for students as they approach the daunting task of learning a broad set of methods and techniques
  • How CARMA’s revised Research Methods Education Program (RMEP) can be used to support faculty and students as they take research methods courses.

Creating Data Sets for Instruction: Examples with ChatGPT, JASP, and Jamovi, December 1, 2023

Dr. Justine DeSimone
Dr. Matt Howard
Dr. Misty Sabol

Instructors of doctoral courses on research methods and quantitative analysis often need data examples. These can be used for explaining important research design, sampling, and statistical analysis concepts. However, it can often be difficult to find real data that meets the goals of the topic, especially when multiple data sets with different properties are needed. Examples of such topics include relations among variables (e.g., correlations/differences in means), sample size, effect sizes, and violation of assumptions. New software is making data generation for these purposes more manageable. This panel session will demonstrate three tools that can be useful in this context: ChatGPT, JASP, and Jamovi.

Basics of Research Methods Collection – Topics & Presenters

The Basics of Research Methods Collection recordings have been selected to cover the breadth of topics often covered in an introduction to research methods doctoral course. The topics are general in nature and the material is presented at a level appropriate for those without advanced statistical or research methods training. These recordings can be easily accessed by students at Institutional Member schools, and these students and instructors pay no additional fee for CARMA’s on-demand access.

Video Presenter
20 Null Hypothesis Testing Dr. Jeffrey Stanton
A framework for constructive replication in the organizational sciences Dr. Tine Koehler
Addressing the “Too Much Theory” Problem in Management Research: Abductive Reasoning and the Role of Academy of Management Discoveries Dr. Peter Bamberger
Best-Practice Recommendations for Producers, Evaluators, and Users of Methodological Literature Reviews Dr. Herman Aguinis
Big Data Concepts Dr. Sang Woo
Common Method Bias Dr. Nathan Podsakoff
Content Analysis for Macro Research Dr. Rhonda Reger
Dirty Data Dr. Justin DeSimone
Electronic Confederates in Experimental Research Dr. Keith Leavitt
Event Sampling Methods Dr. Allison Gabriel
Grounded Theory/Discourse Analysis Dr. Gail Fairhurst
How to Use Storytelling in Academic Writing Dr. Tim Pollack
Interpreting Interaction Effects Dr. Jeremy Dawson
Mixed Methods in Strategy and Organizations Research Dr. Scott Turner
Mixing and Matching Methods for Purpose Dr. John Mathieu
Multiple Linear Regression Dr. Fred Oswald
Panel Data Dr. Paul Bliese
Questionable Research Practices Dr. George Banks
Rigor/Trustworthiness in Qualitative Research Dr. Elaine Hollensbe
Storytelling Through Statistics Dr. Lisa Lambert
The Power of Tools in Qualitative Analysis Dr. Jane Lee
Verifying Empirical Research Findings Dr. Don Bergh