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Sep. 16, 2022

Dr. Tine Koehler, University of Melbourne

Qualitative Data Analysis Beyond Templates – How to make your Analytic Approaches Adaptable and Relevant

12:00 PM – 1:30 PM ET

Tine Köhler is Associate Professor for International Management at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Her main research interests include cross-cultural management, cross-cultural communication and coordination, group processes, qualitative research methods, research design, meta-analysis, and regression. Dr Köhler is Co-Editor-in Chief at ORM and previously held Associate Editor roles at ORM and AMLE. She serves on the editorial boards of SGR, Journal of Management Studies, AMLE, Research Methods in Strategy and Management, and Journal of Management Education. Her recent published intellectual contributions are as follows:

  • Köhler, T., Smith, A., & Bhakoo, V. (2022). Templates in qualitative research methods: Origins, limitations, and new directions. Organizational Research Methods, 25(2), 183-210.
  • Wilhelmy, A., & Köhler, T. (2022). Qualitative research in work and organizational psychology journals: practices and future opportunities. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 31(2), 161-185.
  • Cortina, J. M., Köhler, T., Keeler, K. R., & Pugh, S. D. (2022). Situation strength as a basis for interactions in psychological models. Psychological Methods, 27(2), 212.
  • Köhler, T., & Cortina, J. M. (2021). Play it again, Sam! An analysis of constructive replication in the organizational sciences. Journal of Management, 47(2), 488-518.
  • DeSimone, J. A., Köhler, T., & Schoen, J. L. (2019). If it were only that easy: The use of meta-analytic research by organizational scholars. Organizational Research Methods, 22(4), 867-891.


Qualitative research in the organizational sciences has witnessed the rise of analytical templates: “systematic, simplified, and repeatable approaches to data collection, analysis, and interpretation that have become standardized and legitimized through enactment” (Köhler, Smith, and Bhakoo, 2021, p. 2). In this webcast, we will discuss the nature of templates and the challenges template use can create for novel and plausible theorizing. Participants will be provided with concrete alternatives to analyzing and reporting data that move beyond templates. The webcast is based on insights from papers published in the 2022 feature topic of Organizational Research Methods (ORM) on ‘Templates in Qualitative Research’ (issue 25.2).

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