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Mar. 24, 2023

Dr. Jane Le, WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management

The Power of Tools in Qualitative Analysis

12:00 PM – 1:30 PM ET

Dr. Jane Le is a Professor of Strategic Management. Her research explores strategy in complex settings, particularly how organizations manage multiple competing goals. Jane is on the editorial boards of Organization Studies, Strategic Organization, and Organizational Research Methods (Associate Editor 2020-2024). Dr. Le is internationally recognized for her work on strategic complexity and how organizations manage multiple competing goals. Currently, Dr. Le’s research is focused on three strands: Strategy as Practice, Paradox in Organizations, and Organizational Research Methods. Her recent published intellectual contributions are as follows:

  • Is it all a game? Rankings, journal lists, and the contemporary role of book chapters
    Crook, T.R., Lê, J.K., Smith, A. (2020)
  • Why research methodology in strategy and management remains as important as ever
    Lê, J.K., Smith, A. & Crook, T. R. & Boyd, B. K. (2019)
  • An Integrative Review of Qualitative Strategy Research: Presenting 12 ‘Designs-in-Use’
    Lê, J.K. & Schmid, T. (2019)


This primer lecture on qualitative research methods, introduces a few of the ‘tools of the trade’ that qualitative researchers can use to move from data to findings and theorizing. Designed specifically to focus on developing research skills, this course delves into the various analytic and display tools that help us to emerge findings and contributions as we work with vast qualitative datasets. In particular, we introduce the following tools: thick description, critical events, recurring topics, sensitizing concepts, vignettes, composite narratives and visualization. As we discuss these tools, we consider the role in various parts of the research process and how they tools may help us more rigorously move from raw data to theory.

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