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Oct. 7, 2022

Dr. John Mathieu, University of Connecticut

Mixing and Matching Methods for Purpose

12:00 PM – 1:30 PM ET

Dr. John Mathieu is a Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of Management at the University of Connecticut, and holds the Friar Chair in Leadership and Teams at UConn. His primary areas of interest include models of team and multi-team effectiveness, leadership, training effectiveness, and cross-level models of organizational behavior. In 2017, Dr. Mathieu received the Academy of Management, Organizational Behavior Division, Mentorship Award. His recent published intellectual contributions are as follows:

  • Mathieu, J. E., Wolfson, M. A., Park, S., Luciano, M. M., Bedwell-Torres, W. L., Ramsay, P. S., Klock, E. A. & Tannenbaum, S. I. (in press). Indexing Dynamic Collective Constructs using Computer-Aided Text Analysis: Construct Validity Evidence and Illustrations Featuring Team Processes. Journal of Applied Psychology Monograph.
  • Maynard, M.T., Mathieu, J. E., Rapp, T. L., Gilson, L. L. & Kleiner, C. (in press). Team Leader Coaching Intervention: An Investigation of the Impact on Team Processes and Performance within a Surgical Context. Journal of Applied Psychology.
  • Wolfson, M. A. & Mathieu, J. E. (in press). Deploying Human Capital Resources: Accentuating effects of situational alignment and social capital resources. Academy of Management Journal.


Facets of the research process are often taught and discussed in isolation. I will offer an integrative perspective. I will argue that research should originate from an important question that matters to scholars and/or practitioners – that drives impact. Then, the facets of the research process including sampling, research design, measurement, and analysis need to be integrated and aligned with the research question for optimal value. These facets drive inferences concerning external, internal, construct, and statistical conclusion, respectively, as elements of a unified validity framework. I will then differentiate and illustrate different types of multi-methods and mixed-methods designs suitable for different purposes.

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