CARMA Institutional Members


Membership Benefits (Individual/Panel Presentations)

1) CARMA Video Library

Archived versions of all Live Webcast Lectures and other key events since 2004 are available within the CARMA Video Library. The Video Library currently contains over 150 recorded lectures from internationally recognized scholars on a variety of research methods (including qualitative and quantitative). All faculty and students from member universities will have on-demand individual access to all of these recorded lectures at any time from any location. These lectures and related materials can serve as a resource for authors, reviewers, and editors seeking guidance on basic and advanced research methods design and analysis questions. They also can be used as a teaching resource, adding variety to the in-class experience with group viewing and/or as assigned for individual access outside of class, thus enriching the learning experience. Instructors find our videos valuable as they provide insight into current issues in research methods and give students an opportunity to hear from experts in the field of research methods. The recordings enhance knowledge and application of research methods and by providing a basis of discussion and debate. A full list of all recordings in the CARMA Video Library can be found at

2) CARMA Webcast Lecture Series

The CARMA Webcast Lecture Series was established in 2004 to provide university faculty, graduate students, and other researchers with advanced training in research methods and data analysis. This annual series consists of ten live webcast lectures presented by nationally recognized methodologists. These lectures are developed at an introductory and advanced doctoral student level and will typically include an introduction to the topic as well as a consideration of current technical issues. Emphasis is placed on the application of the research method technique. For members with access to the series, three access points for group viewing are allowed for each lecture and all faculty and students are eligible to view. Prior to each lecture, background readings, references, and PowerPoint slides for the presentation will be available on the CARMA website.

3) Global Scholar Series

One of CARMA’s signature programs since 2004 is its Webcast series. As a supplement to the Webcast series, the CARMA Global Scholars Lecture Series is aimed at increasing awareness of the important methodological work being done by researchers from outside the US. This series, now in its second year, will feature a new set of 10 one- hour lectures on introductory and advanced quantitative and qualitative research topics that are recorded locally (at their home location) by global scholars. This series includes only recorded lectures- no live viewing is provided. These recorded lectures will be released monthly to CARMA Members during their program membership period and will be found within the CARMA Video Library. PowerPoint slides and suggested readings will be available for each recorded lecture.

4) CARMA OveRview SeRies: Introduction to R for Organizational Research

Organizational researchers have shown an increasing interest in R, a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. In recent years many researchers have transitioned from commercial statistical platforms to R because of its vast number of add-on packages and its large, supportive community. This interest has resulted in use of R for a variety of quantitative and qualitative analyses. In this live panel series, CARMA Short Course Instructors will share their experiences with this transition, demonstrate the use of R as applied to substantive research questions, and illustrate some of R’s distinctive advantages. Each of the four panel sessions will conclude with live Q&A with viewers.

5) Advanced Reviewer Development Series

The objective of thisseriesisto serve as a research methodsresource for authors of empiricalsubstantive management research, as well as journal reviewers and action editors. It will consist of four new Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) delivered live online during the program membership period, and on demand recordings will also be available for member viewing. Each new PDW will address an advanced research methods topic where there is a need for discussion of key issues, an updated set of references, and a set of recommended practices. This series is being developed in collaboration with the journal Organizational Research Methods (ORM), and it is expected that after ORM editorial review a set of articles based on the PDWs will be published as a Virtual Feature Topic. Topics to be covered this year include structural equation modeling, multi-level analysis, bayesian analysis, and grounded theory.

Membership Benefits (Education Resources)

1) Research Methods Education Program

The CARMA Research Methods Education Program is based on a series of four modules linked to existing programs and events. The total time requirement to complete the program is designed to be roughly equivalent to typical expectations for a three-course minor in a research university within the United States. Modules will be comprised of different types of CARMA events, including current and past webcast recordings and short courses. Each component of each module will include a reference list of widely available readings, learning objectives, and an on-line assessment experience. Upon satisfactory completion of each module requirement, participants will receive a CARMA Digital Badge (electronic certificate). Following the successful completion of all 4 Modules, they will be recognized as a Distinguished CARMA Research Methods Scholar on the CARMA website. All participating students and faculty must have a RMEP Sponsor from their university. The Sponsor must confirm the participant is an enrolled student or faculty in good standing at their university and must meet with the participant at the beginning of their RMEP training to assure understanding of CARMA’s Assessment Code of Ethics. CARMA will NOT provide academic credit, but faculty and administrators of graduate programs may decide to provide academic credit at their university once CARMA certifies successful completion of program requirements. It is up to the student’s university to decide if academic credit is warranted, and if so, how much, based on their university’s requirement. More information regarding what each module contains can be found on our website.

2) Short Course Registration Discount (50%)