Fit of Data in Scientific Inquiry

Fit of Data in Scientific Inquiry

Dr. Agnieszka Chidlow

University of Birmingham

November 3, 2023

9:00 AM EDT (New York), 1:00 PM GMT (London)

Presentor Biography

Agnieszka holds the position of Full Professor in International Business and has served on the Strategic Management Team at Birmingham Business School. She also made history as the first female Head of the Department of Strategy & International Business within the School. Agnieszka specializes in studying firm internationalization and location strategies. Her expertise extends to methodological matters, particularly utilizing extensive survey data and employing responsible qualitative and quantitative techniques in the realm of international business and management research and application. Having earned multiple awards for both her remarkable contributions to academia and research, including the Danny van Den Buckle Best Paper Award from the European International Business Academy, Agnieszka’s work has been extensively published in top-tier academic journals within the international business domain. Her scholarly impact is evident in notable publications in journals like the Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of World Business, Management International Review, and International Business Review. With over two decades of experience, Agnieszka possesses a wealth of teaching and research expertise, having held teaching and visiting positions at various prestigious universities worldwide, spanning countries such as the UK, USA, Sweden, Poland, Singapore, and China.


Recent years have featured unprecedented growth in the volume and availability of data from diverse national contexts, offering novel opportunities for innovative scholarship in the international business field. Thus, the aim of the webinar is to stimulate an active discussion about the importance of data fit from methodological point of view when undertaking any scientific projects that are based on empirical research. It is hoped that this talk will inspire scholars in  international business field and beyond not only to build a sound body of knowledge that develops sound theory and serves society based on credible and trustworthy methodology but also to draw scholarly attention to the Responsible Research in Business Management global network, the United Nations Global Compact: Principles for Responsible Management Education as well as various scientific communities and stakeholders that promote responsible research in social science.

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