CARMA’s 2018-2019 Short Course Program came to an exciting end in early July with the hosting of four courses by the University of Padova (Italy).  This event followed the offering of five other sets of courses at the University of South Carolina, Wayne State University, Boston College, and the University of South Australia. In total, 33 Short Courses were offered and more than 250 participant slots were filled by faculty or doctoral students from 77 institutions, extending the reach and impact of CARMA’s Short Courses since 2001. The courses were delivered by a set of more than 20 distinguished Short Course Instructors, including editors and editorial board members from top organizational and management journals, several of whom are early or distinguished career award winners of the Academy of Management’s Research Methods Division. A variety of quantitative and qualitative courses were offered, featuring a balance of lecture and application. In addition to learning the latest best practices for research design and analysis, participants benefited from the social and networking opportunities with their fellow participants and the instructors. The Short Courses were well received, achieving high participant feedback ratings. Favorable comments were also provided.

“It was great having an expert available on a method topic and work through exercises I could use in future analysis. Providing syntax and explaining it in R was great!”

“Very good instructors and courses.”

“Interactive nature, workshop covering a broad range of topics in a particular field taught by an expert.”

“Quality of instruction and overall in- and out-class experience, and price.”

“The instruction was very well done. I also enjoyed being able to learn from some of the premier scholars of research methods in the world.”

   University of South Carolina, 2019

Wayne State University, 2019

University of South Australia, 2018