The Consortium for Advanced Research Methods and Analysis (CARMA) heads to Boston for the next set of short courses, this time related to qualitative research. Boston College hosts CARMA during June 11-16, for two sessions featuring six course options. Choices include courses on topics such as qualitative methods and ethnography, advanced qualitative analysis and text and image analysis using Computer Aided Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS). All courses in a session are taught concurrently, therefore participants take only one course per session. Some courses are set up to be an optional sequence. Therefore, the courses may be taken as a sequence, or attendees can mix and match them to meet their research needs.

Session I will be held for two-and-a-half days Monday, June 11 through Wednesday, June 13. Attendees will have three courses to choose from:

Session II continues for the next two-and-a-half days Thursday, June 14 through Saturday, June 16. The next three courses offered include:

Short courses place an emphasis on hands-on experience and on the application of the methodology aimed at skills development through equal amounts of lecture and lab-time. Information on registration, pricing, deadlines and housing is available on the CARMA website.

CARMA members receive significant registration discounts. To find out more information for short courses, visit: