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Dr. Janaki Gooty, University of North Carolina Charlotte

Multilevel and Meta Analysis

December 3, 2021 – 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm ET

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Dr. Janaki Gooty is an associate professor in the Department of Management in the Belk College of Business, and Organizational Science, an interdisciplinary Ph.D. program at UNC Charlotte. Her research focuses on inclusion, values/ethics, and the role of emotions in leadership at multiple levels of analyses. Specifically, she studies three phenomena that are deeply intertwined:

1) Creation of gender and race neutral definitions of leadership phenomena (e.g. identity, leader behavior, sensemaking);

2) The role of emotions such as pride, anger, sadness or compassion in motivating followers to action and,

3) The creation of shared realities (i.e., vision) via leader espoused values and expressed emotions in leader-follower relationships.

Her research has appeared in elite leadership and research methods outlets such as Organizational Research MethodsJournal of Management and Leadership Quarterly. Dr. Gooty currently serves as Associate editor at Leadership Quarterly and has previously served as Associate editor at Journal of Occupational and Organizational psychology, Guest Co-editor of two special issues at Leadership Quarterly and on the editorial boards of serval other journals. She has served as President (2020-2021), Program Chair (2019), and Representative to the Board of Governors (2011-2014) of Southern Management Association; and; the Representative at Large (2016-2019) for the Research Methods Division (RMD) of the Academy of Management. She is an elected Fellow of SMA and a short course instructor with Consortium for Research Methods and Analysis (CARMA).


Meta-Analyses are very popular in management research.  Such studies tend to be highly cited (Judge, Cable, Colbert, & Rynes, 2007); and play an important role in theory testing and refinement; evidence based practice and in turn policy making (Banks, Kepes, & Banks, 2012). Given this popularity and ubiquity of Meta-Analyses in our scientific landscape, generating precise estimates of effects is necessary. Meta-Analyses rely upon an assumption of independence of primary effect sizes, which could be routinely violated in practice. Here I will discuss the implications of violating the independence assumption in meta-analysis and demonstrate how meta-analysis could be cast as a multilevel, variance known (Vknown) model to account for such dependency in primary studies’ effect sizes. I will walk us through a newly developed shiny app that helps cast a meta as a multi-level model when such dependencies exist in primary studies. This talk is based on the following article: Gooty, J., Banks., G.C., Loignon, A., Tonidandel, S., & Williams, C.W. (2021). Meta-analyses as a Multi-level Model. Organizational Research Methods, 24(2), 389-411.

*Multi-level Meta Shiny App: https://orgscience.uncc.edu/about-us/resources

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