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Dr. Samantha Anderson, Arizona State University

Power Analysis with Regression Models: Sample Size Planning for Power and Accuracy

12:00 pm – 1:30 pm ET

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Samantha F. Anderson is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University, focusing on Quantitative Methods. Broadly speaking, her research investigates questions pertaining to research design and meta-science, with a focus on developing approaches that are both rigorous and practical. More specifically, her work centers on the following themes: sample size planning for high statistical power, methods for addressing replication, the impact of multiplicity on Type I error rates and power, and missing data in causal inference. In an effort to make her work accessible and user-friendly, she has co-developed open-source software for conducting sample size planning, available at https://designingexperiments.com/shiny-r-web-apps/ under the heading “Bias and Uncertainty Corrected Sample Size for Power”.


This presentation will center on planning the appropriate sample size for studies using linear regression analyses. Just as researcher goals and intentions can vary across studies, different approaches to sample size planning have been developed to help design studies that will be successful at reaching these goals. I will begin with some background on sample size and statistical power in the behavioral sciences and how power has an impact on the field. Then, given that deciding upon an appropriate value for the effect size can be especially challenging when sample size planning for regression, I will describe two approaches to sample size planning for desired statistical power, focusing in particular on an approach that circumvents some of the complexity in parameterizing the effect size. After demonstrating sample size planning in practice with freely available software, I will describe and briefly demonstrate sample size planning for accurate estimation.

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