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April 11-22, 2022 – Two Sessions, Two Courses

Sponsored by University of South Australia

Session 1: April 11-14, 2022 | Session 2: April 19-22, 2022

We offer two sessions which allows course participants the opportunity to take two back-to-back courses.

Session 1

Monday April 11, Tuesday April 12, Wednesday April 13, and Thursday April 14

Session 2

Tuesday April 19, Wednesday April 20, Thursday April 21 and Friday April 22

Session 1: April 11-14, 2022

“Doing Grounded Theory Research” –Dr. Elaine Hollensbe, University of Cincinnati

Introduction Video by Dr. Hollensbe (Most Recent Version, June 2021)

This course will explore the process of conducting a grounded theory study. Through readings, discussion (exemplar and how-to articles) and hands-on exercises, the session begins with generating research questions and interview protocols; collecting data (e.g., participatory, interview, secondary); the coding process; other data analytic processes beyond coding; generating a grounded model; and navigating the review process. This seminar will examine how to ensure trustworthiness and rigor in grounded theory research, and consider challenges of conducting such research when you’ve been trained primarily in quantitative research.

Session 2: April 19-22, 2022

“Advanced Data Analysis with R”–Dr. Chelsea Song, Purdue University

This short course will begin with an introduction to linear regression analysis with R, including models for single/multiple predictors and model comparison techniques.  Particular attention will be paid to using regression to test models involving mediation and moderation, followed by consideration of advanced topics including multivariate regression, use of polynomial regression, logistic regression, and the general linear model. Exploratory factor analysis and MANOVA will also be covered. For all topics, examples will be discussed and assignments completed using either data provided by the instructor or by the short course participants.

Required Software: R (download here), R Studio (download here)

Time Schedule

Session I (April 11-14)
Location Mon Tues Wed Thur
Adelaide 8 AM – 1 PM 8 AM – 1 PM 8 AM – 1 PM 8 AM – 1 PM
Session II (April 19-22)
Location Tues Wed Thur Fri
Adelaide 8 AM – 1 PM 8 AM – 1 PM 8 AM – 1 PM 8 AM – 1 PM

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01/21/2022 – 03/11/2022
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Normal Registration Faculty $475 $850 $950 $1,800 $715 $1,330
03/12/2022 – 04/08/2022
Normal Registration Student $375 $650 $750 $1,400 $565 $1,030
03/12/2022 – 04/08/2022

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