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CARMA, the Consortium for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis, is an interdisciplinary consortium devoted to helping faculty, graduate students and professionals learn of current developments in various areas of research methods and statistics. Our focus in research methods is relevant to the management and organizational sciences. CARMA is a nonprofit unit at the Texas Tech University. CARMA was established in 1997 by Dr. Larry J. Williams (former Chairperson of the Research Methods Division of the Academy of Management and Founding Editor of Organizational Research Methods). Over the years, CARMA has hosted consisting of lectures, workshops, and panel sessions. The online CARMA Webcast Lecture Program began in 2004 and features live lectures and their recordings that are available to Institutional Members in the CARMA Video Library (200+ recordings).  Since its inception, over 300 universities globally have been a member one or more years.

History of CARMA Short Courses

 In addition to the programs above, since 2001 CARMA has also offered Short Courses regularly for regions throughout the world. These Short Courses (typically 20 hrs.) are taught by Instructors that internationally recognized distinguished methodologists, many of whom are editors and editorial board members of leading research methods and management journals. Over the years, there have been nearly 2,000 faculty and students from universities throughout the world who have attended nearly150 CARMA Short Courses.  Past locations of these courses include Virginia and Michigan in the United States, as well as Canada, Peru, Brazil, Australia, India, The Netherlands, Singapore, Germany, United Kingdom, and Israel.

CARMA Live Online Short Courses

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, in 2020 CARMA transitioned from offering in-person courses to offering Short Courses Live Online through our CARMA Virtual Global Classroom  ( Our goal with the new online approach was to emulate as much as possible the in-person short course experience that we had used so successfully since 2001. Our online delivery of instruction is practical and economical for participants as it is COVID safe and allows them to avoiding travel to locations beyond their community.

In 2019-2020, there were Short Courses offered in times friendly to four global regions: Australia, North America, Asia, and Europe. These were sponsored by the University of South Australia, Wayne State University, Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, Padova University, and Tel Aviv University. We offered 20 quantitative courses including: Intro to SEM, Introduction to R and Data Analysis, Advanced Data Analysis with R, Questionnaire Design, Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis with R, Web Scraping, Advanced SEM, and Multilevel Analysis . We also offered 11 qualitative courses including: Grounded Theory, Intro to Qualitative Methods/Ethnography, Mixed Methods, Video Methods, Advanced Qualitative Methods for Micro and Macro-Management Research, and Crafting High Quality Qualitative Research. In total, there were 502 of participants. For more information on these courses, including their distinguished Instructors, click here.

CARMA Instructors and Short Course Quality

Our Short Course Instructors have considerable research methods teaching experience and are well known for the high-quality instruction they provide.

For a listing of Short Course Instructors, current and past, click here. To view information from videos, including information on current and past Short Courses, can also be found on our YouTube Channel.

Our Short Course participants are extremely satisfied with the work of these instructors, as shown in the following summary of Short Course evaluations from 2020.

“The instructor communicated effectively” (4.7/5)
“The instructor was well-prepared” (4.7/5)
“The instructor effectively handled participants questions” (4.7/5)

“After taking (my instructor and short course) I was ready to use R on my own. It’s a testament to his course and him that a person could be up and running in 2.5 days!” (1 of 30)

“I really hope CARMA continues to offer some online offerings post-COVID. I have attended some other online stats courses from North America that were really terrible and the CARMA one was brilliant. The use of live zoom was much better than asynchronous options” (2 of 30)

“CARMA is a fantastic learning platform!” (3 of 30)

“I feel a sense of achievement on my part, by having to engage with the literature presented, key learnings and take-aways as well as how you made the course fun in my humble view by enabling breakout room discussions with other course participants” (4 of 30)

“There were key learnings, helpful insights and tips and appreciation and patience for the research process and increased awareness of (course topic). I like how different exemplary journal papers were used for our group discussions (i.e. structures of papers, writing styles, presentations of data in figures and tables, how method chapters were presented)” (5 of 30)

“I found that “my instructor) made the zoom online course enjoyable, and safe place to participate in, as I am new to academia research. (My instructor’s) engagement with all of us, in my humble view made it feel inclusive, regardless of the level experience in qualitative research and as a PhD student, I felt safe to participate in the discussions without feeling judged. Indeed, I came out of the course enriched and learned more about (my short course topic).” (6 of 30)

“(My instructor) was absolutely great! Thank you for all the excellent work!” (7 of 30)

“[I had] a fantastic instructor – he did a great job in engaging us even via Zoom” (8 of 30)

“(My instructor) was a brilliant workshop facilitator” (9 of 30)

“Systematic and focused approach to (my short course topics), pace of the course” (10 of 30)

“The instructor, (my instructor), was an excellent instructor. He was very patient and answered every question we had.” (11 of 30)

“The course is well balanced with lectures and exercises. I like the breakout room activities.” (12 of 30)

“I liked the breakout rooms where I could work with different participants on exercises. Hands on learning for data analysis in R is super helpful to solidify the instruction.” (13 of 30)

“This is my first CARMA Short Course, and I will definitely consider participating again.” (14 of 30)

“I liked the breakout rooms where I could work with different participants on exercises. Hands on learning for data analysis in R is super helpful to solidify the instruction.” (15 of 30)

“The class material made available was excellent. I actually enjoyed the online version more than classroom seminars in previous years.” (16 of 30)

“(My instructor) was very engaged and knowledgeable about the content matter. The course was structured such that you could easily follow along with the exercises. This was just an all-around exceptional course and (my instructor) did an excellent job teaching it.” (17 of 30)

“I really liked the accessibility of the instructor (even over zoom), his passion, and his optimism. It made the class enjoyable.” (18 of 30)

“(My instructor) is an amazing instructor. He’s super knowledgeable, makes the material easy to understand, and keeps things interesting, all of which are unique for methods.” (19 of 30)

“Thank you for the awesome course! I can’t wait to take more classes in the future.” (20 of 30)

“I honestly can’t think of anything to improve. The breaks were sufficient, supporting material was useful. I enjoyed the extra sessions I was able to attend as well.” (21 of 30)

“Easily accessible, I would not have been able to attend in-person.” (22 of 30)

“Easy to access the course via zoom.” (23 of 30)

“I honestly can’t think of anything to improve. The breaks were sufficient, supporting material was useful. I enjoyed the extra sessions I was able to attend as well.” (24 of 30)

“I enjoyed most of it. Especially being online.” (25 of 30)

“Very practical knowledge; also liked that it was online so no travel costs, time away from home, etc.” (26 of 30)

“Easy access, no physical travel required.” (27 of 30)

“Very detailed materials and (my instructor) is super helpful.” (28 of 30)

“Really hope that you will continue to offer these online after COVID.” (29 of 30)

“Thank to (my instructor). The topics and content were interesting and he had a good knowledge of economics and the other subjects out of the scope of the course” (30 of 30)

New CARMA Short Course Referral Program

The CARMA Short Course Referral Program is offered to CARMA supporters who want to help increase awareness of upcoming short courses and/or encourage participation in these courses.  Free access to the CARMA Video Library and credit towards future short course registration is offered to show appreciation for these supportive efforts. For more information on the short courses, click here.

The Referral Program includes the following steps:

  • Supporters share information provided by CARMA about upcoming short courses with faculty/students from their own university and/or their external networks who they believe might be interested.
  • If any of these faculty/students register for a Short Course, they can identify the supporter to CARMA after registration for the course.
  • The supporter is notified of the short course registration and invited to register their university to receive free access to the CARMA Video Library. This access enables all faculty/students at their university to have free unlimited access to the CARMA Video Library and its 200+ recordings of research methods lectures. These lectures cover quantitative and qualitative topics at introductory and advanced levels presented by distinguished methodologists from organizational and social science disciplines.
  • In addition, the referred Short Course Participant is offered a $100 credit towards the registration fee for any additional future short course (to be offered on any date after the Short Course for which they have registered).