CARMA Short Course

Referral Program

2021 CARMA Live Online Short Courses

Europe/Asia Region

May 17-20 and May 24-27

North/South America

June 7-10, June 14-17, and June 21-24


Opportunity for Your University- Free Access to CARMA Video Library

Opportunity for Your Referred Participant- $100 Credit for Future Short Courses

The CARMA Short Course Referral Program is offered to CARMA supporters who want to help increase awareness of upcoming short courses and/or encourage participation in these courses.  Free access to the CARMA Video Library and credit towards future Short Course registration is offered to show appreciation for these supportive efforts.

These Short Courses will be delivered live with a daily schedule favorable to Europe/Asia and North/South America regions using Zoom.  The Courses cover quantitative and qualitative topics and instructors are distinguished methodologists, most of whom are editors/board members of leading organizational journals with extensive research methods teaching experience.  For more information on the Short Courses, click here.

The Referral Program includes the following steps:

  1. Supporters share information provided by CARMA about upcoming short courses with faculty/students from their own university and/or their external networks who they believe might be interested.
  2. If any of these faculty/students register for a Short Course, they can identify the supporter to CARMA after registration for the course.
  3. The supporter is notified of the short course registration and invited to register their university to receive free access to the CARMA Video Library.  This access enables all faculty/students at their university to have free unlimited access to the CARMA Video Library and its 200+ recordings of research methods lectures. These lectures cover quantitative and qualitative topics at introductory and advanced levels presented by distinguished methodologists from organizational and social science disciplines.
  4. In addition, the referred Short Course Participant is offered a $100 credit towards the registration fee for any additional future short course (to be offered on any date after the Short Course for which they have registered).

For more information on the Short Course Referral Program, visit the CARMA Website.

CARMA Short Courses Referral Form