CARMA Short Courses

Short Courses Overview

Each CARMA short course is typically a 20 hours session on a research method or data analysis topic. CARMA Short Courses place an emphasis on hands-on experience and on the application of the methodology aimed at skills development through equal amount of lecture and lab-time. Instructors are leading methodological scholars recognized within the organizational studies and management areas as experts on their topics. Several are current or past editors of leading organizational journals. A list of CARMA Short Courses includes introductory and advanced training on quantitative and qualitative topics, including content that might not be readily available at your institution. In addition, our short courses provide students and faculty with the opportunity to network with leading scholars and other students/faculty in their areas of interest. More than 1,200 faculty and students from universities throughout the world have attended CARMA Short Courses since the summer of 2004. Past locations of these courses include Virginia and Michigan in the United States, as well as Canada, Peru, Brazil, Australia, India, The Netherlands, Singapore, Germany, United Kingdom, Israel, and China.

Upcoming Short Courses

We will be offering new Short Courses in our collection of upcoming courses, including quantitative courses on Theory, Methods, and Analysis for Research with Dyads, Questionnaire Design, and Open Science: Principles and Practices. Our other quantitative courses include sequences across both sessions on introductory/ advanced data analysis with R, introductory/advanced SEM, introductory/advanced multi-level analysis, big data and analysis of big data. Also available are courses that cover systematic reviews/meta-analysis, Bayesian-analysis, advanced regression polynomial/response surface methods, and web scraping.  Our qualitative offerings include new courses on crafting high-quality research via a phronetic iterative approach, video methods, and content analysis of text.   Other qualitative courses cover advanced methods for micro and macro management and grounded theory, mixed methods, and qualitative analysis for organizational change. See below for specific courses and dates.

New Live On-Line Short Courses

In the upcoming months, we are excited to announce that CARMA will use a new format for hosting more than 25 courses sponsored by different organizations, including the University of South Australia, Wayne State University (Detroit, Michigan) and the University of South Carolina. Unlike previous courses delivered in-person at host schools, our upcoming program will deliver the courses on-line via the CARMA Global Virtual Classroom using Zoom. These courses will be offered using a synchronous approach, with instructors providing live (video and audio) lecture and Q&A sessions. Instructors will also lead assignment sessions, during which participants can choose to join breakout rooms to collaborate with a small group of course-mates (using screen-share, video/audio communication, and/or text chat. There would be no recordings made by CARMA of the live sessions, and participants will not be allowed to record any sessions themselves. Unlike CARMA’s Webcast Program, which is based on group viewing, with our On-Line Short Courses only individual access and participation is allowed (no group viewing).

Our goal with our new on-line approach is to emulate as much as possible the in-person short course experience that we have used so successfully since 2001. We hope our on-line delivery will be more practical and economical for participants by allowing them to avoiding travel to locations beyond their community. For participants not familiar with use of Zoom, training will be provided at no-charge prior to the Short Courses. CARMA has considerable experience with live on-line events, and we look forward to extending our use of this delivery format through our Global Virtual Classroom to increase access to our highly-regarded Short Courses.

CARMA Short Course Evaluations

Past Participants had this to say about the CARMA Short Course program:

  • “Expert instructors, lively instruction, good balance between presentation and application.”
  • “The instructors did a great job explaining (1) conceptual issues (2) statistical content; (3) actually working with the program package.”
  • “Instructors were really awesome, the program as a whole was very organized and on schedule”
  • “The instructor was terrific! The venue was excellent.”
  • “I really thought the course was outstanding in all regards! Very helpful to my own research/publication efforts.”
  • “Excellent instructor! Extremely knowledgeable. We were able to actually practice/apply the theory to an article. Great experience!”
  • “Superb program – great contribution to academic community around the country.”
  • “Everything was wonderful – thank you so much for creating a format through which the knowledge could be so easily and cleanly passed on.”
  • “Absolutely awesome! Well worth the time and money!”
  • “This is an excellent program that I will recommend to my colleagues. I really appreciated the hospitality, the quality of lectures/materials, and the friendliness and accessibility of the instructors. Thank you very much – I learned a lot.

Live Online Short Course Schedule

November 2021
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