SIOP-CARMA Affiliate Program

Available for all Current SIOP Members

About SIOP-CARMA Affiliate Program

We are excited to announce that current SIOP Student and Academic members can now access CARMA’s research methods education resources as part of their membership benefits. These resources cover quantitative and qualitative topics at the introductory and advanced levels. These benefits will be delivered through the 2023-2024 SIOP-CARMA Affiliate Program. Benefits are easily available without advanced registration for most events. Benefits include:

  1. Free access to live 2023-2024 Webcast Lecture Series
  2. Free access to Video Library
  3. Free access to live Ask-the-Experts and Ph.D. Prep panel events
  4. A 50% discount on short course registration fees


Please follow the steps below to sign-up with CARMA and to register for the SIOP-CARMA Affiliate Program

How to Sign-Up with CARMA

  • Current SIOP membership IS required.
  • Register as a Website User.

How to Register for the SIOP-CARMA Affiliate Program

  • To join the program, log-in to your SIOP account by clicking the button below.
  • In the information area click the CARMA globe logo.
  • Follow the code instructions on the Registration: SIOP-CARMA Affiliate Program page.

How to Enjoy Benefits of the Program

  • Access the CARMA User Area using the link or through our homepage.
  • To view Video Library recordings, under the “Access Recording” tab, select the “Institutional and Affiliate Member Access” link.
  • To view Live events, under the “Access Live Events” tab, select the “Join” buttons a few minutes before the events.

SIOP-CARMA Affiliate Program Benefits

  • Short Course Affiliate Member DiscountAffiliate Members receive a 50% discount on Short Course registrations. CARMA Short Courses feature introductory and advanced topics on quantitative and qualitative methods. Short Courses are taught by The Best In Our Business and provide a blend of lectures and hands-on experience. Instructors include both current and former Editors, Associate Editors, and editorial board members from prestigious journals such as ORM, AMJ, JAP, and OBHDP, as well as recipients of AOM-RMD Distinguished Career and Early Career awards.
  • Video Library

Access over 250+ recorded lectures from esteemed scholars on various research methods in our Video Library since 2004. We’ve since improved the search and viewing process for a better user experience. Affiliate members can access videos on-demand from anywhere and test their understanding of concepts through quizzes. Our videos serve as a valuable resource for authors, reviewers, editors, and instructors and aid in enriching the learning experience.

  • Other Live Events

    • Webcast Lecture Series

Webcast Lecture Series offers annual live webcast lectures by esteemed methodologists. Designed for university faculty, graduate students, and researchers, these lectures cover introductory and advanced topics in research methods and data analysis, emphasizing practical application. Background readings, references, and slides will be available on the CARMA website before each lecture. We are currently offering 12 one-hour webcast lectures for the 2023-2024 year. Click here for more information.

    • Ph.D. Prep Panels

Ph.D. Prep Panels for consist of live online events aimed at enhancing research methods knowledge and skills for success in doctoral studies and academia. The sessions cater to the specific needs of early, middle, and late-stage doctoral students, covering various topics such as developing a research pipeline, using multiple research methods, and aligning conceptual and empirical analysis in a thesis/dissertation. Additionally, the panels offer a networking opportunity for students from different schools, complementing their doctoral programs’ activities. Click here for 2023-2024 information.