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Casual Identification through a Cumulative Body of Research in the Study of Strategy and Organizations – Dr. Myles Shaver

Verifying Empirical Research Findings – Dr. Don Bergh

Mixed Methods in Strategy and Organizations Research – Dr. Scott Turner

The When and Why of Effects: Moderation and Mediation in Strategic Management Research – Dr. Herman Aguinis

Endogeneity in Strategy Research – Dr. Trevis Certo

Rediscovering the Individual in Strategy Research – Dr. Steven Floyd

Theoretical Specification and Methodological Rigor: Matching Theory and Methods – Dr. Michael Hitt

Tools for Testing Contingency Models – Dr. Brian Boyd

Judgment Policy Analysis – Dr. Richard Priem

The Use and Misuse of Ratios Measures – Dr. Robert Wiseman

Computer-Aided Text Analysis: Tips and Techniques – Dr. Jeremy Short

Using the Censored Regression Model (Tobit) in Management Research – Dr. Harry P. Bowen

Using Spatial Analysis in Strategy Research – Dr. Jonathan Doh

Strategy and Research Methods Development – Dr. Don Bergh

Advanced Panel Methods for Strategy Research – Dr. Peter Hom

Testing for Mediating Variables in Management Research: Concerns, Implications and Alternative Strategies – Dr. J. Myles Shaver

Meta-Analysis and Strategy Research – Dr. Dan Dalton

Current Issues in Individual, Group, and Organizational Level Measurement : Strategic Management – Dr. Brian Boyd