June 13-15 Short Courses

Cultivating Discovery in Qualitative Research

Dr. Karen Golden-Biddle

Course Description

Both validation and discovery are essential to research. Yet because of the emphasis in methods texts on validation, discovery has been overlooked. Instead, they should be steadfast partners. This short course will explore what cultivating discovery in qualitative research involves, in particular its important role in theorizing and writing. We will focus on discovery through the following avenues: reading about discovery, analyzing how authors cultivate discovery in theorizing, trying on discovery in the practices of coding and artifact creation, and assessing the viability of discovery in our own work.

Event Information

June 13-15, 2024

Thurs/Fri/Sat: Daily from 10:00 AM EDT – 4:00 PM EDT with a 30-minute lunch break and other breaks as needed.

CARMA’s Live Online Global Classroom

Meet the Instructor

Karen Golden-Biddle (kgbiddle@bu.edu), is Professor of Management and Organizations emerita at Boston University. She studies the discovery process and its use in research (see for example: Locke, Golden-Biddle & Feldman, 2008; and Locke, Feldman & Golden-Biddle, 2022) and in creating organizational and community change (see for example, Golden-Biddle, K., 2024; Golden-Biddle, K., 2020). Karen’s work has appeared in premier academic journals such as Organization Science, the Academy of Management Journal and Organizational Research Methods. She has a forthcoming book for leaders (February 2024), The Untapped Power of Discovery: How to Create Change that Inspires a Better Future. Karen is the recipient of numerous research and teaching awards, including induction as a Fellow of the Academy of Management.

Video Introduction