CARMA is pleased to announce the Advanced Reviewer Development Series for the Spring 2020.The objective of this series is to serve as a research methods resource for authors of empirical substantive management research, as well as journal reviewers and action editors. It will consist of four new Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) delivered live online during the program membership period, and on demand recordings will also be available for member viewing. Each new PDW will address an advanced research methods topic where there is a need for discussion of key issues, an updated set of references, and a set of recommended practices. This series is being developed in collaboration with the journal Organizational Research Methods (ORM), and it is expected that after ORM editorial review a set of articles based on the PDWs will be published as a Virtual Feature Topic. Topics to be covered this year include structural equation modeling, multi-level analysis, bayesian analysis, and grounded theory.

Schedule for the Spring 2020:

Date Topic Presenter
February 28

11 am CST

Bayesian Analysis Dr. Steve Culpepper (University of Illinois)
February 28

12.15 pm CST

Grounded Theory Dr. Tine Kohler

(The University of Melbourne)

March 27

11 am CST

Structural Equation Modeling Dr. Christopher Nye

(Michigan State University)

March 27

12.15 pm CST

Multi-Level Analysis Dr. Vicente Gonzalez-Roma

(University of Valencia)

More detailed information can be found on the CARMA website-

Previous Advanced Reviewer Development Series in 2018-2019:

Date Topic Presenter
Fall, 2018 Best Practices in Data Collection and Preparation: Recommendation for Reviewers, Editors, and Authors Dr. Herman Aguinis
Spring 2019 Systematic Reviews/Meta-Analysis Dr. Justin DeSimone

Dr. Ernest O’Boyle

Dr. Micheal Brannick

Spring 2019 Social Network Analysis Dr. Richard DeJordy

Dr. Stephen Borgatti

Spring 2019 Construct Development and Validation in Three Practical Steps: Recommendation for Reviewers, Editors, and Authors Dr. Dan Newman

Dr. Lisa Lambert

CARMA also hosts in person Short Courses listed below and it offers special discounts to CARMA Institutional Premium Members:

  1. University of South Australia – April 20-24
  2. Wayne State University (Detroit, Michigan) – June 1-6
  3. University of Padova (Italy)- June 15-20

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