CARMA’s 2020 Short Course Program hosted by the Darla Moore School of Business at University of South Carolina came to an exciting end in early January. In total, 8 Short Courses were offered, and over 100 student and faculty participated. We had a fantastic group of lecturers which included: Dr. Paul Bliese, Dr. Robert Vandenberg, Dr. Fred Oswald, and many more.

Topics Covered:

  1. Introduction to R and Data Analysis – Dr. Scott Tonidandel
  2. Advanced Data Analysis with R – Dr. Justin DeSimone
  3. Introduction to Data Mining with R – Dr. Jeff Stanton
  4. Introduction to Statistical Learning with Big Data in R – Dr. Fred Oswald
  5. Introduction to SEM with LAVAAN – Dr. Robert Vandenberg
  6. Introduction to Multilevel Analysis with R – Dr. Paul Bliese
  7. Web Scraping: Data Collection and Analysis – Dr. Richard Landers
  8. Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis with R – Dr. Ernest O’Boyle

Prior to the short courses, a Basics of R Workshop helped prepare attendees for follow-up training in CARMA Short Courses that use R.

During the Basics of R Workshop, attendees learned:

  1. Using R through the R Studio interface
  2. Importing data into R
  3. R data sets (a.k.a data frames and tables)
  4. Data types
  5. Subsetting columns of data and selecting cases
  6. Recoding data and dealing with missing data
  7. Merging data (columns and rows)
  8. Output objects
  9. User defined functions
  10. Getting help

Comments from participants from our short courses include:

  • “The instructor was very good, and pace was well done”
  • “I liked the instructor and I feel that he was able to explain complicated concepts in multiple ways which made it easier to understand and enjoy the course.”
  • “It was hands-on and incredibly helpful for learning a difficult programming language like R.”
  • “Learned a lot in a short amount of time.”
  • “The depth of knowledge the instructor had regarding the topic was outstanding.”
  • “I had the chance to learn so much new information in such short period of time. It was very efficient and helpful!”
  • “Concise and relevant, ready to use skills.”
  • “This course was extremely helpful, and the people were great. Happy hour/networking was fun.”

This was an outstanding program series and we look forward to more to come in the near future. In addition to short courses, CARMA also host webcasts. To find more information, please visit