The first set of Live Online Short Courses of the 2020-2021 CARMA year, sponsored by the University of South Australia, have been a huge success! These courses were held via CARMA’s Virtual Global Classroom using Zoom with instructors providing a live lecture and Q&A session. This program took place from November 9-20, 2020 and offered two sessions which allowed course participants the opportunity to take two back-to-back courses. The Session 1 course had 30 course participants and was titled “Doing Grounded Theory Research” instructed by Dr. Glen Kreiner from The University of Utah. The Session 2 course was titled “Mixed Methods and Qualitative Comparative Analysis” instructed by Dr. Thomas Greckhamer from Louisiana State University and included 35 course participants.

Some feedbacks from course participants:

  • This was my first real introduction to Qualitative Research Methods and Grounded Theory. I felt the the Grounded Theory was covered very well and left me with strong understanding of the method. If anything, I know want to learn more about other qualitative methods in anticipation to use in a possible PhD. 
  • There were key learnings, helpful insights and tips and appreciation and patience for the research process and increased awareness of Grounded Theory in Research. I like how different exemplary journal papers were used for our group discussions (i.e. structures of papers, writing styles, presentations of data in figures and tables, how method chapters were presented) 
  • Presenter provided good back up resources and good linkages from the slides/discussion to these resources.  

Upcoming Live Online Short Courses: 

CARMA’s next set of Live Online Short Courses is coming up on January 6-8, 2021 and are sponsored by the University of South Carolina. These will offer participants their choice of eight courses, with an emphasis on hands-on experience and on the application of the topic with an equal amount of lecture and lab-time. Students/Faculty at CARMA Member Schools receive 50% off Short Course registration fees. (See if your organization is a member here) Students/Faculty who are members of AOM, SIOP, SMA, AAOM, IACMR, EURAM, EAWOP, AIB, ANZAM, and INDAM receive 20% off Short Course registration fees (if not at a CARMA Member School). Registration is open for a discounted price until December 18th, 2020. After this date, it will be full price. The set of courses to be offered are: 

Course Listing for January 6-8, 2021: 

  • “Introduction to R and Data Analysis” – Scott Tonidandel, University of North Carolina-Charlotte 
  • “Advanced Multilevel Analysis with R” – Dr. Paul Bliese, University of South Carolina 
  • “Introduction to SEM with LAVAAN” – Dr. Robert Vandenberg, University of Georgia 
  • “Statistical Analysis of Big Data with R” – Dr. Jeff Stanton, Syracuse University 
  • “Intermediate SEM, Model Evaluation” – Dr. Larry Williams, Texas Tech University 
  • “Open Science and R: Principles and Practices” – Dr. George Banks, University of North Carolina-Charlotte 
  • “Advanced Data Analysis with R” – Dr. Ron Landis, Illinois Institute of Technology 
  • “Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis in R” – Dr. Ernest O’Boyle, Indiana University 

For more information on our CARMA Short Courses, including registration information, pricing information, and course descriptions, please visit our website: