The SIOP/CARMA Open Science Series is coming!


The overall focus of the workshop series is to introduce and teach attendees about open science practices that are widely believed to help researchers produce studies that are better planned and understood by all collaborators involved; more transparent and reproducible; and more accessible, useful, and impactful to the research and practice communities interested in the research. The virtual workshops will be hosted via CARMA’s resources (i.e., Zoom), and attendees can choose to attend any or all virtual workshops.

By attending the summer series, you will learn critical principles and how-tos of open science practices that can be introduced into your research pipeline as well as learn about the perspectives of journal editors and associate editors hoping to encourage open science practices and enhance the robustness of our work (e.g., Lillian Eby of the Journal of Applied Psychology, Steven Rogelberg of the Journal of Business and Psychology).


  • The first is to connect our attendees with leaders in the community who want to practice and promote open science. Such social support will be crucial to making the kinds of productive changes that make our science even stronger and better.
  • The second is to offer sessions that facilitate the development of knowledge and skills for making open science a reality for both research and practice.

SIOP/CARMA Open Science Virtual Summer Series will have workshops on each of the following days: May 19, May 26, June 2, June 9, and June 16.

Proposed Topics for Each Workshop

The proposed topics for each workshop meeting are provided below and indicate the specific focus of discussion for the (a) morning and (b) afternoon sessions:

  • Workshop 1 (Wednesday, May 19): (a) What is open science?, (b) Accelerating robust research in the organizational sciences
  • Workshop 2 (Wednesday, May 26): (a) What is the Open Science Framework?, (b) An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure: The various forms of pre-registering research
  • Workshop 3 (Wednesday, June 2): (a) An open science workflow template and (b) Reviewing with open science in mind (e.g., are findings reported transparently and in a reproducible manner?; not all results need to be significant for science to move forward; also how to review in a results-blind manner, consulting pre-registrations; reviewing registered reports)
  • Workshop 4 (Wednesday, June 9): (a): The many ways of ensuring analytic reproducibility: From open code, to open data, to full computational reproducibility; (b) Promoting open science and replication work
  • Workshop 5 (Wednesday, June 16): (a) How to have better conversations when making authorship decisions; (b) Transparency and openness guidelines, preprints, and our publishing model

Following each workshop, we’ll hold discussions with invited panelists that will include journal editors, associate editors, and reviewers of major journals in the organizational sciences. These individuals hope to enhance the rigor and credibility of our science and their perspectives are pivotal to the incremental improvements we hope to spur with our summer series.

Tentative Time Schedule

Sessions will begin at  10 AM ET and go till 4:30 PM ET.

Learn more here.

Registration Instructions

  • Login as a Website User to your CARMA account. (If you do not have a CARMA account, please click )
  • Once you login, in the middle section of your User Area, you will see an option to “Register for Live Events”. (If you have not registered your device yet, please register your device first. Then, click “User Area”.)
  • Select “SIOP/CARMA Open Science Virtual Summer Series – 2021” and checkout.
  • You will receive an e-mail to confirm your registration that will provide more information about the events.