Video Library

Video Library

Our Video Library currently contains on-demand access to over 250+ recorded lectures from internationally recognized scholars on a variety of research methods. We have improved the access and search process for the recordings and our Video Library which will result in a better viewing experience. All faculty and students from member universities will have on-demand individual access to all of these recorded lectures at any time from any location. The recordings enhance knowledge and application of research methods by providing a basis for discussion and debate.

Categories in the Video Library:

  • Webcast Lectures
    • Correlation and Regression Models
    • Structural Equation Methods
    • Multilevel Analysis
    • Strategic Management
    • Longitudinal Analysis
    • Qualitative Analysis
    • Data Analysis & Research Methods
    • Measurements
  • Ph.D. Prep Group Panels
  • Ask-the-Experts Panels
  • Special Events

Accessing the Video Library

To access the Video Library, log in to your CARMA User Account. Your User Area will open directly to the Video Library tab. Quick links are provided to our four most recent recordings. Click on the Member Access to Video Library link to see all videos available in your respective membership. Once in the Video Library directory, you will be able to search video by presenter, year of presentation, and category.