Ph.D. Prep Panel:
Virtual Reality Methods for Management

Virtual Reality Methods for Management

Dr. Tim Hubbard, University of Notre Dame
Dr. Ithai Stern, INSEAD
Dr. Abraham Verghese, INSEAD

Recorded January 19, 2024


This panel session offers a comprehensive look into the new field of virtual reality (VR) and its application in academic research. The event will commence with a presentation by Tim Hubbard that explains the potential for VR in management research and the various applications of VR technology. This first session is tailored for beginners and those interested in integrating VR into their research. Resources will be provided to help scholars start using VR in their own reproach. Following this, a presentation by Ithai Stern will give insights from two specific studies. These studies will showcase the diverse and innovative ways VR can be employed in research settings, highlighting its capacity to propel the field beyond traditional laboratory methodologies. One highlight of the panel session will be the exploration of how VR can turn classrooms into behavioral labs. This segment aims to shed light on the practical aspects of using VR as a tool for teaching and research, offering a unique perspective on the intersection of technology and education. At the end of the session attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of VR’s methodological capabilities and practical insights on harnessing its potential in both research and academic settings.

Timothy Hubbard | Notre Dame News | University of Notre Dame

Tim Hubbard is an Assistant Professor of Strategic Management and Donnelly Fellow of Participatory Management in the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Georgia and holds degrees from the Thunderbird School of Global Management and the University of Illinois. Tim’s research focuses on strategic leadership and governance, with a particular emphasis on cognitive and social factors influencing strategy. He leverages experimental methods—including biometric and virtual reality tools—to better understand executive behaviors. Some specific topics he researches include CEO personality, CEO dismissal, and boardroom diversity. Dr. Hubbard is a Co-Director of the University of Notre Dame’s Virtual Reality Lab. Prior to entering academia, Tim worked for Caterpillar and IBM. His research appears in the Academy of Management Journal, the Strategic Management Journal, the Journal of Management, the Journal of Management Studies, the Academy of Management Discoveries, and the Fordham Environmental Law Review. He has received numerous awards such as the AMJ Best Reviewer Award and the James Dincolo Teaching Award. He serves on the Editorial Board for the Strategic Management Journal and Academy of Management Journal. Tim teaches undergraduate Strategic Management courses.

Ithai Stern is a Professor of Strategy at INSEAD. His research career is devoted to advancing the field of behavioral strategy by studying the social and psychological processes underlying executive behaviors, firm-level decisions, and organizational performance. His work has been published in leading management journals including the Strategic Management Journal, Administrative Science Quarterly, and Academy of Management Journal, and been featured in numerous print, radio, and television outlets including BusinessWeek, The Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio, US News and World Report, CNN, BBC, CNBC, and Fast Company. Before joining INSEAD, Professor Stern was a standing faculty member at Kellogg School of Management at the Northwestern University. He has cofounded and chaired several international conferences and is the academic director of the INSEAD Immersive Learning Initiative that he created in 2018 ( Professor Stern has taught MBA, EMBA and executive education courses in many countries around the world for which he received numerous teaching awards.

Abraham Verghese profile photoAbraham Verghese, MD, MACP, is Professor and Linda R. Meier and Joan F. Lane Provostial Professor, and Vice Chair for the Theory and Practice of Medicine at the School of Medicine at Stanford University. He is also a best-selling author and a physician with a reputation for his focus on healing in an era where technology often overwhelms the human side of medicine. He received the Heinz Award in 2014 and was awarded the National Humanities Medal, presented by President Barack Obama, in 2015.

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