Women in Research Methods (WRM)

Women in Research Methods (WRM) is a forum for women in management and the organizational sciences who share an interest in research methods. The group is open to academic faculty members and doctoral students at all career levels as well as organizational psychologists and management practitioners with a keen interest in research methods scholarship and application. In this group, we share interests, questions, concerns, and advice on writing methods papers, using methods, teaching methods, integrating methods research in an academic career, adapting methods to applied problems and settings, and other issues related to both qualitative and quantitative methods. Our purpose is also to connect research methodologists with each other, provide mentorship and networking opportunities to budding research methodologists, and to flag opportunities for increased involvement of research methods scholarship in our careers.

WRM is a Facebook community group that was started by Dr. Lisa Schurer Lambert and Dr. Tine Köhler. Please direct questions to Lisa (lisa.schurer.lambert@okstate.edu) and join us on Facebook if you are interested.We encourage all posters to be polite and respectful, constructive and developmental. This is a closed group, which means that new members are vetted before entry and that we consider conversations on this forum to be confidential.

Launch Pad Sessions- How to Make Research Methods Part of your Career

If you have always had an interest in methods, like learning about and applying new methods, are constantly on the lookout for new research methods innovations, cannot wait to get your hands on the newest issue of Organizational Research Methods, and would like to belong to one of the most supportive and friendly academic communities in our field, then you should consider making research methods part of your career. Yet, if you are like most researchers, you may not know exactly how to get your foot in the door, how to conceptualize your first methods-related research project, or who to partner with to contribute to the most cutting-edge research. If so, these sessions are for you.

Watch virtual panel discussion on how to include Research Methods in your Career.  The panel of experts, known for their work in research methods,  spoke about their own experiences as methodologists. Topics include how to look for opportunities to make a methodological contribution, how to find resources they need (tools, co-authors, advice etc.), and issues related to finding a job and seeking tenure.

Organized by Tine Köhler (University of Melbourne) and Lisa Schurer Lambert (Oklahoma State University) and supported by CARMA and Organizational Research Methods.

Previous Sessions

Europe and Asia – 07/17/20


Europe – 06/17/20


North America – 06/03/20