CARMA Presenters

2023-2024 Webcast Presenters

Name Affiliation Topic
Dr. Jeremy Dawson Sheffield University Dr. Jeremy Dawson
Dr. Mikko Rönkkö University of Jyväskylä Convergent/Discriminant Validity
Dr. James LeBreton Pennsylvania State University Multilevel Analysis
Dr. Trevis Certo Arizona State University Measurement of Firm Performance
Dr. Agnieszka Chidlow University of Birmingham Fit of Data in Scientific Inquiry
Dr. Joel Koopman Texas A&M University Experience Sampling Methods
Dr. Heiko Breitshol University of Klagenfurt Inference with Directed Acyclical Graphs
Dr. Andreas Schwab Iowa State University Bayesian Analysis
Dr. John Antonakis University of Laussane Analysis with Multilevel Models
Dr. Andrew Speer Indiana University Machine
Dr. Anne Smith University of Tennessee Joy of Coding Data
Dr. Fred Oswald

Rice University

Multiple Linear Regression: Strengthening Conceptual Knowledge and Practical Skills

Dr. Tine Koehler

University of Melbourne

Qualitative Data Analysis Beyond Templates – How to make your Analytic Approaches Adaptable and Relevant

Dr. John Mathieu

University of Connecticut

Mixing and Matching Methods for Purpose

Dr. Jason Huang

Michigan State University

Insufficient Effort Responding: Impact in Survey Data and Approaches for Detection

Dr. Aaron Hill

University of Florida

Multiverse Analysis: A tool to Estimate, Illustrate and Investigate the Impact of Researcher Degrees of Freedom

Dr. Brent Goldfarb

University of Maryland

Writing our Way out of the Reliability Crises in Strategy

Dr. Dina Krasikova

University of Texas at San Antonio

Interpreting Results with Practical Significance in Mind: An Overview of the Common Language Effect Size Indices

Dr. Andrew Knight

Washington University in St. Louis

Methods for Collecting and Analyzing Data from Zoom Meetings

Dr. Jane Le

Otto Beisheim School of Management

The Power of Tools in Qualitative Analysis

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