Advanced Interactions in Regression

Advanced Interactions in Regression

Dr. Jeremy Dawson

Sheffield University

September 15, 2023

9:00 AM EDT (New York), 2:00 PM BST (London)

Presentor Biography

Jeremy Dawson is a Professor of Health Management, affiliated with both the Institute of Work Psychology and the School of Health and Related Research. With a statistical background, he has been actively engaged in work psychology, management, and healthcare since 1998. His primary research centers on staff experiences within the NHS, particularly focusing on team dynamics, human resources, climate and culture, and diversity and inclusion. He investigates the connections between staff experience and outcomes, leading various funded projects that delve into aspects like mental health staff turnover, general practice productivity measurement, staff well-being interventions, and workplace diversity and discrimination.


The testing of interaction effects, or moderation, is commonplace in the organizational and social sciences. This webcast lecture will describe the fundamental principles in testing interaction effects, and how they should be interpreted. It will go on to demonstrate how this can be extended to different types of nonlinear effects, including generalized linear models and quadratic effects. It will conclude by explaining how the principles can be extended to more complex models, including three-way interactions, moderated mediation, and multilevel models.

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