CARMA Editorial Team

Over the past 25 years CARMA has increased its program and event offerings, while serving the increasing needs of both quantitative and qualitative researchers with interests in both micro and macro topics. In anticipation of continuing growth, I have formed the CARMA Editorial Team to oversee the process of soliciting, selecting, and developing research methods education content for our community. I express my deepest appreciation to the inaugural team members listed below, and we look forward to expanding CARMA’s reach as the global leader in research methods education for management and organization studies.

Dr. Larry Williams
CARMA Founding Director


Dr. Larry Williams

Texas Tech University


Dr. Larry Williams, who received his Ph.D. in organizational behavior from Indiana University School of Business, joined the faculty at the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University in August 2019. Formerly, he was the Director of the Survey Research and Methods Program and held the Donald and Shirley Clifton Chair of Survey Science at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Dr. Williams’ research focuses on applying structural equation methods to various substantive and methodological concerns. He has held editorial roles at Organizational Research Methods (ORM) and the Journal of Management. Additionally, he has served as Chairperson for the Research Methods Division (RMD) of the Academy of Management and has been involved in numerous prestigious research publications, including in the Journal of Applied Psychology and Personnel Psychology.

Senior Editors


Dr. Ernest O’Boyle

Indiana University


Ernest H. O’Boyle, professor at Indiana University Kelley School of Business, specializes in management, entrepreneurship, and research methods. He holds the Dale M. Coleman Chair in Management. O’Boyle earned his Ph.D. from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2010. He has 50+ peer-reviewed publications in esteemed journals like Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, and Personnel Psychology. His work has been featured in Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek, NPR’s Morning Edition, and “Work Rules!” He’s won early career awards from the Academy of Management in Research Methods and Human Resources divisions. O’Boyle serves on editorial boards for Personnel Psychology and Journal of Applied Psychology and is an associate editor for the Open Science Framework’s SCORE project.

Dr. Rhonda Reger

University of North Texas


Rhonda K. Reger, Management Department Doctoral Program Coordinator and International Research Fellow at Oxford University’s Centre for Corporate Reputation, Said Business School, specializes in socio-cognitive perspectives in strategy and entrepreneurship, focusing on constituents’ social evaluations of firms on social media using content analysis and econometrics. Her research, published in top journals like the Academy of Management Journal and Strategic Management Journal, has garnered awards. Alongside teaching masters, undergraduate, EMBA, and doctoral students globally, she conducts CARMA short courses on content analysis methods. With a PhD in Strategic Management from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Dr. Reger has held distinguished professorships at the University of Missouri and the University of Tennessee, where she founded centers and directed research programs, and has served in various faculty roles at other prestigious institutions.

Dr. Scott Tonidandel

UNC Charlotte


Dr. Scott Tonidandel is a Professor of Management in the Belk College of Business at the University of North Carolina – Charlotte and is a faculty member of the Organizational Science PhD program. Scott received his M.A. & Ph.D. in industrial-organizational psychology from Rice University and his B.A. from Davidson College. Scott’s research interests include issues related to leadership effectiveness, the impact of diversity in organizations, and research methods and statistics. His recent work focuses on people analytics and the interface of big data and the organizational sciences. He co-edited the SIOP Frontiers series volume titled Big Data at Work: The Data Science Revolution and Organizational Psychology and recently completed work on a NSF funded project that uses sensors to understand team interactions and the impact of diversity. Scott serves as an associate editor for the Journal of Business and Psychology, is a former associate editor for Organizational Research Methods, and is a fellow of the Association for Psychological Science, the American Psychological Association, and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Associate Editors

Dr. Andreas Schwab

Iowa State University


Dr. Andreas Schwab, an Associate Professor at Iowa State University’s Ivy College of Business, focuses on multilevel learning in entrepreneurial ecosystems, particularly digital platforms, project ventures, and women entrepreneurs. He spearheads methodological advancements in management by advocating alternatives to statistical tests, introducing Bayesian statistics, and supporting replications. His research has appeared in esteemed journals like Academy of Management Journal, and he serves on editorial boards, including Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice. Andreas is an Ambassador of the Center of Open Science, and his research is funded by notable institutions like the U.S. Fulbright Program and Australian Research Council. He holds a Ph.D. in management from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Dr. Justin DeSimone

University of Alabama


Justin A. DeSimone is an associate professor in the Department of Management at the University of Alabama. His research focuses on research methodology, including statistics, measurement, and innovative assessment techniques. Justin’s work has been published in various outlets including Organizational Research Methods, the Journal of Management, and the Journal of Applied Psychology. He has served as an associate editor for Organizational Research Methods and the Journal of Organizational Behavior as well as on the editorial review boards for the Journal of Management and Journal of Business and Psychology. Justin has also served on the executive committee for the Research Methods Division at Academy of Management and is a frequent contributor to CARMA.

Dr. Sang Woo

Purdue University


Sang Eun Woo is a Professor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Purdue University. Dr. Woo’s substantive research so far has focused on how people’s personality and motivation can help explain various psychological phenomena in the workplace. Particular outcomes of interest include work attitudes, withdrawal behaviors, and interpersonal relationships. Sang’s overall research program is motivated by her desire to understand, harness, and/or foster openness in academia as well as the rest of the world — openness to new ideas and experiences, to people with different opinions and cultural backgrounds, to important life lessons and opportunities for growth, and to novel and underutilized scientific methods in psychology (e.g., inductive/abductive, person-centered/configural, big data, Bayesian, qualitative). Her focal expertise lies in developing and validating techniques of measuring individual differences for various organizational and educational purposes, as well as in clarifying the theoretical underpinnings and implications of such techniques. Sang actively contributes to the international community of psychology and social sciences more broadly.