Experience Sampling Methods

Experience Sampling Methods

Dr. Joel Koopman

Texas A&M University

November 3, 2023

12:00 PM EDT (New York), 4:00 PM GMT (London)

Presentor Biography

Joel Koopman, a TJ Barlow Professor of Business Administration at Mays Business School, holds a Ph.D. from Michigan State University and degrees from the University of Florida. His research expertise encompasses prosocial behavior, organizational justice, motivational processes, and research methodology, with published work in prestigious journals like AMJ, AMR, JAP, PPsych, and OBHDP. He is an Associate Editor at OBHDP and serves on editorial boards, having received accolades including Academy of Management HR Division awards and the SIOP Distinguished Early Career Contributions award in 2022. A dedicated contributor, he also serves on the Leadership Committee for the HR Division of the Academy of Management.


Experience sampling (ESM) is a well-known and widely used study design aimed primarily at examining within-individual covariation of transient phenomena utilizing repeated measures. ESM studies are increasingly popular among researchers, however there are a number of important considerations and nuances associated with these method. While many papers have been published and talks given on advanced issues pertaining to ESM studies, what remains largely undiscussed are some of the basic operational and tactical decisions that must be made when designing and running an ESM study. Thus, the purpose of this talk is to walk through some of the basics of these studies and demystify the processes in service of helping scholars to collect data that captures their focal phenomenon with a high degree of accuracy and validity.

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