June 13-15 Short Courses

Analysis of Dyadic Data

Dr. Janaki Gooty

Course Description

Multi-level research in the organizational sciences (e.g., OB, strategy, entrepreneurship) has become fairly mainstream in the last few decades. Despite this attention to levels issues in general, dyads and the dyadic level of analyses remains a “forgotten level” ( Kenny, Kashy & Cook, 2006) relative to individuals, teams and organizations. This trend is unfortunate as relationships (one-one associations in organizations such as supervisor-subordinate, coworkers, firm-firm) are the building block of all phenomena that pervades organizational life. This course introduces 1) the importance of dyadic research, 2) the pitfalls of ignoring the dyadic level (both conceptually and statistically) and 3) a six step model building exercise for dyads as a unique level of analysis conceptually and empirically. This last component includes a focus on how to build dyad level theories, conceptualizing constructs and their emergence at this level, research design choices with a focus on nesting vs. cross-classification and data analyses. Students who participate successfully in this short course can expect to leave with a toolbox of conceptual and empirical knowledge and hands on skills to develop and test dyadic models in their research. The presenter will demonstrate cross-classified modeling via HCM (available in the HLM software) but the same principles could be applied via R as well.

Event Information

June 13-15, 2024

Thu/Fri: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EDT
Sat: 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. EDT

Wayne State University
Mike Ilitch School of Business

Meet the Instructor

Dr. Janaki Gooty is a professor in the Department of Management in the Belk College of Business, and Organizational Science, an interdisciplinary Ph.D. program at UNC Charlotte. She currently serves as the Director of the MBA Program (BCOB) & Director, Dual MBA Program with EGADE Business School, Monterrey, Mexico. Her research focuses on inclusion, values/ethics, and the role of emotions in leadership at multiple levels of analyses. Her research has appeared in elite leadership and research methods outlets such as Organizational Research MethodsJournal of Management and Leadership Quarterly. Dr. Gooty currently serves as Associate editor at Leadership Quarterly and has previously served as Associate editor at Journal of Occupational and Organizational psychology, Guest Co-editor of two special issues at Leadership Quarterly and on the editorial boards of several other journals. She currently serves as Past President (2021-2022), has served as President (2020-2021), President-Elect (2019-2020), Program Chair (2018-2019), Program Chair Elect (2017-2018) and representative to the Board of Governors (2011-2014) of the Southern Management Association (SMA), which is the largest affiliate of the Academy of the Management (AoM) and the governing body for the elite Journal of Management (JOM) and newly launched JOM Scientific Reports. In addition, she served as the Representative at Large (2016-2019) for the Research Methods Division (RMD) of the Academy of Management. She is an elected Fellow of SMA and a short course instructor with Consortium for Research Methods and Analysis (CARMA).

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