CARMA’s Research Methods and Education Program (RMEP) has been designed to provide a comprehensive educational experience for doctoral students and faculty at Institutional Member schools or Affiliated Programs. RMEP is based on assessments of learning for our webcast lectures, panel sessions, and short courses. Material covers a variety of quantitative and qualitative topics at introductory and advanced levels. A key objective of RMEP is to reward CARMA participants for their efforts at learning research methods.

Using assessments, participants verify their knowledge of key concepts through short multiple-choice quizzes. As each Assessment is successfully completed, the accomplishment will be recorded in the participant’s RMEP Report Card, in the section shown below. Participants will receive Digital Badges based on the completion of sets of assessments. RMEP Assessments will be grouped by the following Modules:

CARMA Assessment Modules

  • 2023-2024 Webcast Lectures
    • This module consists of twelve assessments based on the 2023-2024 Webcast Lecture series. Each assessment may be completed immediately after viewing either the live lecture or the recording from the Video Library. Assessments will be available on its respective Webcast Lecture page or through the course content section below. Ten assessments from this module must be completed to receive a 2023-2024 Webcast Lectures Digital Badge.
    • Incentive Program: Faculty and student members who complete this module can receive a $100 discount on one 2023-2024 Short Course registration fee.

Assessments Modules coming soon: Basic of Research Methods, Correlation/Regression, Survey Measurement, Qualitative Methods, Methods for Strategy Research, Structural Equation Methods, and Innovations in Methods and Analysis.

Contact us at carma@ttu.edu for further information or if you have any questions.

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