CARMA Video Library

I. CARMA Video Library History

CARMA, the Consortium for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis, is an interdisciplinary consortium devoted to helping faculty, graduate students and professionals learn of current developments in various areas of research methods and statistics. Our focus in research methods is relevant to the management and organizational sciences. CARMA is a non-profit unit at the Texas Tech University. CARMA was established in 1997 by Dr. Larry J. Williams (former Chairperson of the Research Methods Division of the Academy of Management and Founding Editor of Organizational Research Methods) and was located at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia from 1997-2009. From 2010-2014 CARMA was located at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. Then, from 2014-2016 we were hosted at the University of North Dakota and from 2016-2019 we were hosted at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Archived versions of all Live Webcast Lectures and other key events since 2004 are available within the CARMA Video Library.

II. CARMA Video Library Overview

The Video Library currently contains over 200 recorded lectures from internationally recognized scholars on a variety of research methods (including qualitative and quantitative). We have improved the access and search process for the recordings and our Video Library which will result in a better viewing experience. All faculty and students from member universities will have on-demand individual access to all of these recorded lectures at any time from any location. These lectures and related materials can serve as a resource for authors, reviewers, and editors seeking guidance on basic and advanced research methods design and analysis questions. They also can be used as a teaching resource, adding variety to the in-class experience with group viewing and/or as assigned for individual access outside of class, thus enriching the learning experience. Instructors find our videos valuable as they provide insight into current issues in research methods and give students an opportunity to hear from experts in the field of research methods. The recordings enhance knowledge and application of research methods and by providing a basis of discussion and debate. There are seven categories in the Video Library including Data Analysis and Research Methods, Strategic Management, Correlation/Regression Analysis, Structural Equation Methods, Multi-level Analysis, Measurement, Longitudinal Analysis, and Qualitative Research Methods.

III. CARMA Video Library List

Correlation & Regression Models

Title Presenter(s) Date
Power Analysis with Regression Models: Sample Size Planning for Power and Accuracy Dr. Samantha Anderson Fall 2021
TIG-Advanced Regression Analysis Dr. Becker, etc. Fall 2020
Modern Prediction Methods Dr. Dan Putka Spring 2019
Effect Sizes for Categorical Moderation Dr. Chris Nye Spring 2019
Restricted Variance Interactions Dr. Jose Cortina Fall 2018
Extending Methods for Integrating Moderation and Mediation Dr. Jeff Edwards Fall 2017

Title Presenter(s) Date
Modern Prediction Methods Dr. Dan Putka Spring 2019
Restricted Variance Interactions Dr. Jose Cortina Fall 2018
Effect Sizes for Categorical Moderation Dr. Chris Nye Spring 2019
Extending Methods for Integrating Moderation and Mediation Dr. Jeff Edwards Fall 2017
Analysis of Count Outcomes: Single Level and Multilevel Models for Unclustered and clustered Count Data – Part 2 of 2 Dr. Leona Aiken Spring 2016
Analysis of Count Outcomes: Single Level and Multilevel Models for Unclustered and Clustered Count Data, Part 1 of 2, see part 2 for continuation of this presentation. Dr. Leona Aiken Spring 2016
A Simple Test of Moderated Mediation Dr. Andrew Hayes Spring 2015
On the Use of Spline Regression in the Study of Congruence in Organizational Research Dr. Jeff Edwards Spring 2014
Developments and Resources for Relative Importance Analysis Dr. Scott Tonidandel Fall 2013
Moderated Mediation Dr. Jose Cortina Spring 2013
Control Variables and Multi-collinearity: Things We Thought We Knew Dr. Kevin Carlson Fall 2011
Multivariate Dynamics Dr. Richard DeShon Fall 2010
Estimating Confidence Intervals for Correlations Corrected for Unreliability and Range Restriction Dr. Michael Burke Spring 2009
Joint Analysis of Multiple Categorical Dependent Variables Dr. Peter Westfall Fall 2008
Restriction of Range Dr. Paul Sackett Spring 2008
Relative Importance of Predictors with Regression Models Dr. James LeBreton Fall 2007
Robust Regression Dr. William Starbuck Fall 2006
Regression Models for Limited Range Dependent Variables Dr. David Harrison Fall 2006
Methods for Integrating Moderation and Mediation: An Analytical Framework Using Moderated Path Analysis Dr. Jeffrey Edwards Spring 2006
Estimating Interaction Effects Using Multiple Regression Dr. Herman Aguinis Fall 2004

Structural Equation Methods

Title Presenter(s) Date
Interactions in Latent Variable Models Dr. Jose Cortina Spring 2022
Confirmatory Factor Analysis with R-lavaan Dr. Lisa Harlow Spring 2021
TIG-SEM Dr. David Mackinnon Spring 2021
Introduction to Causal Mediation Dr. David Mackinnon Spring 2021
TIG-SEM Dr. Breitsohl, etc. Fall 2020
Longitudinal SEM Dr. Le Zhou Spring 2020
Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM) Dr. Joe Hair Fall 2018
Causal Indicators and Measurement Models Dr. Ken Bollen Spring 2018
Parcel Indicators in SEM Dr. Todd Little Fall 2017

Title Presenter(s) Date
Condition 9 and 10 Tests of Model Confirmation with SEM Techniques Dr. Larry Williams Fall 2017
Structural Equation Models for Cooperative Small Group Context: The Interplay of theory and Method in Goal-Directed Behavior Dr. Richard P. Bagozzi Spring 2017
Multilevel Mediation Dr. Zhen Zhang Spring 2016
Partial Least Squares Path Modeling: Past and Future Dr. Ed Rigdon Fall 2015
Alternative Approaches to Modeling MTMM Data in Organizational Research Dr. David Woehr Spring 2014
Growth Mixture Modeling Dr. Mo Wang Spring 2013
Meta analysis and Structural Equation Modeling Dr. Ron Landis Spring 2012
Formative Constructs Implemented via Common Factors Dr. Peter Bentler Spring 2011
New Approaches for Evaluating Latent Variable Relations Dr. Larry Williams Fall 2010
Marker Variables and Method Variance: Models and Processes Dr. Larry Williams Spring 2010
Mean Structure Models with Latent Variables Dr. Greg Hancock Spring 2010
The Meaning of Latent Variables in Social and Behavioral Science Research Dr. Ken Bollen Fall 2009
Detecting and Diagnosing Model Misspecification Dr. Deborah Bandalos Fall 2009
Mediation Analysis Dr. David MacKinnon Fall 2009
Measurement Models for Linking Latent Variables and Indicators: A Review of Alternatives for Organizational Researchers Dr. Larry Williams Fall 2008
Measurement Invariance and Applied Research Dr. Roger Millsap Spring 2008
Goodness of Fit and Structural Equation Models Dr. Jose Cortina Fall 2007
The World Is Flat, the Earth is the Center of the Universe, and Mediating Effects Can Be Tested Using Data from Nonexperimental Research Dr. Eugene F. Stone-Romero Spring 2006
Multilevel Structural Equation Methods Dr. Robert Vandenberg Spring 2005
Moderation in Structural Equation Modeling: Specification, Estimation, and Interpretation Using Quadratic Structural Equations Dr. Jeffrey Edwards Fall 2004

Multilevel Analysis

Title Presenter(s) Date
Meta-Analyses as a Multi-Level Model Dr. Janaki Gooty Fall 2021
TIG-Multilevel Analysis II Dr. Chen, etc. Spring 2021
Design Considerations for Simple and Complex Multilevel Studies Dr. Gilad Chen Spring 2021
TIG-Multilevel Analysis I Dr. Bliese, etc. Fall 2020
Assessing the Validity of Higher-Order Multidimensional Constructs Dr. Russell Johnson Spring 2011
Hierarchical Linear Modeling Dr. David Hofmann Spring 2005
Hierarchical Linear Modeling Dr. David Hofmann Spring 2005
Measures of Agreement for Group Level Research Dr. James LeBreton Spring 2005

Title Presenter(s) Date
The Conceptualization, Measurement, and Validation of Multilevel Constructs Dr. Gilad Chen Fall 2005
Issues with Group Measurement Dr. Katherine Klein Spring 2007
Dynamic Approaches to Studying Group Processes Dr. Laurie Weingart Spring 2009
Multi-Level Issues & WABA Dr. Fran Yammarino Spring 2010
Dyadic Data Analysis Dr. David Kenny Fall 2010
Methods Issues with Multilevel Dynamics of Group/Team Emergence Dr. Steve Kozlowski Fall 2012
Doing Teams Research: Where, When, How, and Why? Dr. John Mathieu Fall 2012
Multi-Level Organizational Research: Where We’ve Been, and Where are We Heading Dr. Gilad Chen Fall 2013

Qualitative Analysis

Title Presenter(s) Date
Rigor/Trustworthiness in Qualitative Research Dr. Elaine Hollensbe Spring 2022
Content Analysis for Macro Research Dr. Rhonda Reger Spring 2020
Reflexivity in Research Methods: Boundary Theory and the Researcher Role Continuum Dr. Glen Kreiner Fall 2020
Grounded Theory/Discourse Analysis Dr. Gail Fairhurst Spring 2020
Rethinking the Qualitative Research Methods Section Dr. Mike Pratt Spring 2019
Text Mining in the Organizational Sciences Dr. Scott Tonidandel Fall 2018
Coding for Discovery Dr. Karen Locke Spring 2018

Title Presenter(s) Date
Fuzzy Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis Dr. Peer Fiss Spring 2016
Content Analysis Dr. Mike Pfarrer Fall 2015
Research Methods Issues in Academic-Practitioner Collaborative Research Dr. Jean Bartunek Spring 2015
Process Research Dr. Ann Langley Spring 2014
Qualitative Rigor in Inductive Organizational Research Dr. Kevin G Corley Fall 2013
Tips and Traps for Publishing Qualitative Research: An Editor’s Perspective Dr. Tima Bansal Spring 2013
Crafting Qualitative Organizational Research Dr. Ann Cunliff Fall 2012
Photographs and Organizational Research: Photo Elicitation as a Data Source Dr. Anne Smith Spring 2012
More Tales of the Field: Ethnography Then and Now Dr. John Van Maanen Spring 2012
Ethnostatistics Dr. Richard Gephart Fall 2010
The Practice of Member Review in Qualitative Research: What Happens When They Read What We Write? Dr. Karen Locke Spring 2009
Publishing Criteria for Qualitative Research Dr. Michael Pratt Spring 2008

Strategic Management

Title Presenter(s) Date
Omitted Variable Bias Dr. Mike Withers Spring 2022
Casual Identification through a Cumulative Body of Research in the Study of Strategy and Organizations Dr. Myles Shaver Spring 2019
Verifying Empirical Research Findings Dr. Don Bergh Spring 2018
Mixed Methods in Strategy and Organizations Research Dr. Scott Turner Spring 2017
The When and Why of Effects: Moderation and Mediation in Strategic Management Research Dr. Herman Aguinis Fall 2016

Title Presenter(s) Date
Endogeneity in Strategy Research Dr. Trevis Certo Spring 2015
Rediscovering the Individual in Strategy Research Dr. Steven Floyd Fall 2012
Theoretical Specification and Methodological Rigor: Matching Theory and Methods Dr. Michael Hitt Spring 2012
Tools for Testing Contingency Models Dr. Brian Boyd Spring 2011
Judgment Policy Analysis Dr. Richard Priem Fall 2010
The Use and Misuse of Ratios Measures Dr. Robert Wiseman Spring 2010
Computer-Aided Text Analysis: Tips and Techniques Dr. Jeremy Short Fall 2009
Using the Censored Regression Model (Tobit) in Management Research Dr. Harry P. Bowen Spring 2009
Using Spatial Analysis in Strategy Research Dr. Jonathan Doh Spring 2009
Strategy and Research Methods Development Dr. Don Bergh Spring 2008
Advanced Panel Methods for Strategy Research Dr. Peter Hom Fall 2007
Testing for Mediating Variables in Management Research: Concerns, Implications and Alternative Strategies Dr. J. Myles Shaver Spring 2006
Meta-Analysis and Strategy Research Dr. Dan Dalton Spring 2006
Current Issues in Individual, Group, and Organizational Level Measurement : Strategic Management Dr. Brian Boyd Fall 2005

Longitudinal Analysis

Title Presenter(s) Date
Panel Data Dr. Paul Bliese Fall 2019
Event Sampling Methods Dr. Allison Gabriel Spring 2019
Panel Data Dr. Glenn Hoetker Spring 2018
Experience Sampling Methods Dr. Daniel Beal Spring 2018

Title Presenter(s) Date
Latent Difference Score Models Dr. Robert Vandenberg Fall 2015
Emerging Questions in Longitudinal Research Dr. Robert Ployhart Spring 2014
Implementing Multilevel Analyses of Daily Diary Data Dr. Patrick Shrout Spring 2013
Modeling Longitudinal Data Using Structural Equation Methods Dr. Rick Hoyle Fall 2011
Discontinuous Growth Models Dr. Paul Bliese Spring 2008
Repeated Measures ANOVA and MANOVA Dr. Jorge Mendoza Spring 2007
Longitudinal Data Analysis Dr. Robert Ployhart Spring 2007
Latent Growth Models for Longitudinal Data Dr. Robert Vandenberg Spring 2007

Data Analysis & Research Methods

Title Presenter(s) Date
Funding at NIH: Topics, Processes, Research Methods Dr. Lilian Eby Fall 2021
How to Use Storytelling in Academic Writing: The Roles of the Methods and Results Sections Dr. Tim Pollock Fall 2021
Best-Practice Recommendations for Producers, Evaluators, and Users of Methodological Literature Reviews Dr. Herman Aguinis Fall 2021
Network Analysis Dr. Mike Howard Spring 2021
Neuroscience Methods and Organizational Research Dr. David Waldman Spring 2020
Big Data Concepts Dr. Sang Eun Woo Fall 2019
Big Data Analysis Dr. Fred Oswald Fall 2019
Multiple Imputation for Complex Organizational Data Structures Dr. Craig Enders Spring 2019

Title Presenter(s) Date
Why and How to Replace Statistical Significance Tests with Better Methods Dr. Andreas Schwab Fall 2018
Storytelling Through Statistics Dr. Lisa Lambert Spring 2018
Questionable Research Practices Dr. George Banks Fall 2017
Creating Datasets with Social Media Dr. Richard Landers Fall 2017
Testing Causal Hypotheses: Precisely Formulating Causal Hypotheses to Maximize Testability Dr. Keith Markus Spring 2017
Video-Based Research Methods Dr. Curtis Lebaron Spring 2016
What Moderates Moderators? A Meta-Analysis of Interactions in Management and Applied Psychology Research Dr. Ernest O’Boyle Spring 2016
Statistical Analysis with Big Data _11/6/2015 Dr. Fred Oswald Fall 2015
Inductive Research Approaches_11/6/2015 Dr. Paul Spector Fall 2015
Ramp UP Big Data Research and Teaching with R Dr. Jeffrey Stanton Spring 2015
Lab vs Field OB: Do Findings Converge? Dr. Jason A. Colquitt Fall 2014
Organization Studies: Is Ours a Hard Science? Dr. Ronald S. Landis Fall 2014
10 Semi-Random Meta-Cognitive Methods Ideas Dr. Paul Bliese Fall 2014
The Gilded Age of Management Science Dr. Ernest O’Boyle Spring 2014
Total Recall: Should Meta-analyses Have Expiration Dates Dr. Hannah Rothstein Spring 2014
Modeling Polytomous Data Dr. Michael Zickar Fall 2013
Statistical and Methodological Myths and Urban Legends Dr. Robert Vandenberg Spring 2013
Publication Bias and Other Sensitivity Analyses in Meta-Analysis Dr. Mike McDaniel Fall 2012
3-D Visualization of Data and Models Dr. Richard Gonzalez Fall 2011
Debunking Myths and Urban Legends About Meta-Analysis Dr. Herman Aguinis Fall 2011
Lies My Statistics/Methods Teacher Taught Me Dr. Charles Reichardt Spring 2011
Cross Cultural Research Methods Dr. Mark Peterson Spring 2011
Quasi-Experimental Research Dr. Adam Grant Spring 2011
Missing Data: Problems & Prospects Dr. Daniel A. Newman Spring 2010
Simple Models for Analyzing Network Change Dr. Stephen Borgatti Spring 2010
Review of Research Methods in Organizational Studies Dr. Herman Aguinis Fall 2008
Nonlinear Dynamic Models Dr. Paul Hanges Fall 2007
Item Response Theory Dr. Neal Schmitt Spring 2007
Non-responses to Organizational Surveys Dr. Steven Rogelberg Fall 2006
Methodological issues in Cross-Cultural Research Dr. Michele Gelfand Fall 2006
Power Analysis for Traditional and Modern Hypothesis Tests Dr. Kevin Murphy Spring 2006
Issues in Social Network Analysis Dr. Dan Brass Spring 2006
Contributing to Applied Psychology with Laboratory Research Dr. John Hollenbeck Spring 2006


Title Presenter(s) Date
Quantifying Content Validity Dr. Jason Colquitt Spring 2021
Adapting Scales Dr. Erik Heggestad Spring 2020
Dirty Data Dr. Justin DeSimone Fall 2019
Continuum Specification in Construct Validation: A Proposal and Call for Research Dr. Louis Tay Spring 2017
A Tutorial on the Causes, Consequences, and Remedies for Common Method Biases Dr. Nathan Podsakoff Spring 2017

Title Presenter(s) Date
Construct Mixology: Forming New Management Constructs by Combining Old Ones Dr. Dan Newman Spring 2017
Computer Adaptive Assessment of Personality Dr. Fritz Drasgow Spring 2017
Understanding and Detecting Careless Responding in Survey Research Dr. Adam Meade Fall 2016
Variation into Elevation: Diversity Paradigms for Explaining Team and Organizational Outcomes Dr. David Harrison Fall 2016
The Promise and Perils of Wearable Sensors in Organizational Research Dr. John Hollenbeck Spring 2015
Practical Recommendations for Measuring Implicit Constructs Via Conditional Reasoning Dr. James LeBreton Fall 2014
Conditional Reasoning and the Measurement of Power Dr. Lawrence James Spring 2012
Practical Issues in Developing a Measure Dr. Fred Oswald Fall 2011
Question and Context Effects in Organizational Survey Data Dr. Adam Meade Fall 2008
Measurement of Affect and Episodic Events Dr. Howard Weiss Fall 2008
Measurement Issues in Stress Research Dr. Daniel Ganster Fall 2008
Conditional Reasoning and Personality Measurement Dr. Lawrence James Spring 2008
Issues with Internet Data Collection Dr. Jeff Stanton Fall 2006
Current Issues in Measurement – Individual Level Dr. Claudia Cogliser Fall 2005
The Effect of Criterion Reliability on Means and Interactions in Meta-Analysis Dr. Lawrence James Fall 2004

PhD Prep Series

Title Presenter(s) Date
Review of Bivariate Statistics Dr. Larry Williams Fall 2021
Introduction to Multiple Regression Dr. Larry Williams Fall 2021
A Method Lens on Developing a Research Pipeline and Research Identity Dr. Bori Csillag, Dr. Allison Gabriel, Dr. Aaron Hill, Dr. John Stephens Spring 2022
Triangulation and Using Multiple Methods Dr. Yihao Liu, Dr. Elizabeth Campbell, Dr. Andrew Knight, Dr. Jessica Rodell Spring 2022